Associate Professor Cover Letter

Academic cover letters are a lot different from business cover letters. They tend to be a little longer and they contain the applicant's research and teaching goals. These letters may differ depending on the institution and to the person being addressed. The associate professor cover letter should emphasize on those experiences that make you desirable as a faculty member.

The cover letter should be included whenever you submit your resume. An effective cover letter can help to make your career. There are few tips you need to follow while writing these letters.

A sample associate professor cover letter can provide you with the necessary guidelines and show how to write it in a correct manner.

Your address:


Recipient's address:

Dear Mr. MNP,

I am writing this letter in response to the advertisement for the associate professor of (insert the institute name) which was advertised in the weekly magazine of the local newspaper. I genuinely feel that my research skills which are coupled with the attention to detail would make me a great candidate for the position.

Following is a summary of the achievements and qualifications that I would like to put forth in this letter.

I am aware that working as an associate professor requires to work as a team with the professor and other staff members. My teaching skills and enthusiasm would benefit your (name of the institution).

I am looking forward to meeting you in person and discuss my history and get into depth of the teaching style that I would bring. I can be reached at (contact details) and my email ID is (insert your email address here).


Your name:

Enclosure: Resume

Associate professor cover letter will enhance your chances of success and demonstrate professionalism on your part. This will also help to summarize all the important parts of your resume. An effective cover letter will enhance your chances of gaining employment.

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