Associate Publicist Cover Letter

A public relation job can be challenging as well as a rewarding job. The profession requires a talented kind of person who can make a good first impression and earn respect and confidence. A good and effective associate publicist cover letter can make a huge difference when interviewing for a public relation jobs.

Instructions to write a cover letter for associate publicist are given below:

Samples cover letter for associate publicist will help you write a cover letter and apply to relevant job post.

Lewis Jones
789, King's road
London, UK

March 18, 2011

Gilbert Walker
567, All Saint's Road
London, UK

Dear Mr. Walker,

I am writing this cover letter in response to the advertisement for an associate publicist for your company (insert the name of the company). I found this job posted in the (mention the source for the job vacancy). I know I will make an exceptional choice for the post. At your request, I have enclosed my resume with the letter.

Working in the field of publicity for the last five years has made me well aware of all the well known PR firms. During this span of time I have been in touch with the latest networks, contacts and media professionals. I have been working in industry research area and competitive analysis. I know exactly how to circulate information and make sure appropriate channels are given word and in timely manner. I believe I can offer this same attention to details and knowledge to your industry.

I would very glad If you could call me for an interview where I can discuss more on my background and qualifications. I can be contacted at (mention your contact details) at your convenience.

- Lewis Jones

Enclosure: resume and work experience certificates

These are some ways and samples that you can write an associate publicist cover letter and create a lasting impression upon the potential employers.

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