Cover Letter for Athletic Trainer

In the health and fitness industry, athletic trainers perform a major role. They can either help their client in gaining strength, losing weight, improving fitness level, or help athletes in preventing and recovering from injuries. The role of a trainer in both these fields may overlap to some extent. However, the qualification, skills and experience may vary to a larger extent.

If you have been in the sports and fitness industry, and have a degree in physical education, you will also need a cover letter to look for a job. In the letter, you will write about your background in instructing a sports team or individuals in activities related to exercising and fitness. You need to show that you know the technique of training, preventing injury, offering first-aid to athletes at times of injury, and helping them improve their skills.

Cover Letter Sample

Richard K. Hill
2265 Heather Sees Way
Tulsa, OK 74105
Phone: 918-743-5612

October 01, 2013

Randy K. Eller
Hiring Manager
Pearl Fitness Center
1403 Earnhardt Drive
Tulsa, OK 74120

Subject: Application for the position of Athletic Trainer

Dear Eller, I am looking for a position of an Athletic Trainer. I have recently shifted to my present address and came to know about Pearl Fitness Center. I am a trainer, and my work experience spans over five years. I did my Physical Education training from Minnesota University and have worked with the top brands in the fitness industry. I am attaching my resume for your reference wherein I have described everything from my qualifications to work history.

As you know, any amateur and professional sports person has to take lots of care towards his fitness level. Injuries affect the performance and may also end a sporting career of a person. Therefore, being trained from someone who is qualified, know the sports completely, and is familiar with every muscle and bone inside the body is very important. I have the knowledge, skills and experience to avoid and heal injuries and improve performance. My way to training is different from others, and it is a combination of contemporary and modern methods that helps in amplifying results within a set period.

I can train people in groups or individually and know which body muscles have to put in use while performing sporting activities. While training, I focus on each body part and help them make stronger by following a standard exercise routine. My skills also include identifying any risk of injuries and hence prevent them in time.

My passion in helping people enjoy sports and fitness to live healthy would bring great recognition to your center. I am waiting to meet you at your convenience. Please give me a call at 918-743-5612 to discuss about training, fitness, and employment. Thank you for your time.


Richard K. Hill

Enclosure: Resume

You can see how the applicant has described his interest in fitness training and reason for writing. If both these features are similar to yours, copy and use it.

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