Sample Coaching Resume Cover Letter

Richard Anderson
1234, West 67 Street
Carlisle, MA 01741
(123)-456 7890

Date: 1st January 2009

Justin Holloway
XYZ Company
1234 Archer Road
Gainesville, Fl 32607
(352)-555 1635

Dear Mr. Justin,

I came across your posting related to an experienced head coach on You are looking for an experienced head coach for one of your part-time soccer teams in the Blue-Ball Athletic Association. I am seeking for this work and can begin straight way. I am a skillful and experienced football player. I have been associating with part-time league from last eight years as a coach. I like to work with young people in particular.

I have enclosed my resume. I am keener to make more match winners and turning small players into stars.

I would like to meet you to discuss more about your expectations from the head coaches and other related topics. Please call me at above phone number in case you are interested. Thank you for referring my cover letter and offering me a chance to grab this position.



Richard Anderson.

Enclosure Resume.

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