Academic Counselor Cover Letter

Before we talk about writing an academic counselor cover letter, let us first have an idea about what exactly an academic counselor does. We all come across this phase of life wherein we have to decide about destiny, our career and this is invariably and directly related to our education. So what an academic counselor does is, help us with any kinds of difficulties faced during our education process and guide us with what degrees or course of studies are to be followed when trying to achieve our personal targets.

In some cases, they also judge us on your aptitude and suggest us different options for choosing our career path. He or she also updates us on the different and upcoming fields of employment.

Having said this, let's have a look at the academic counselor's cover letter format and sample in the following sections. However, do keep in mind that the format for writing any cover letter is the same as mentioned below and can be used as a universal format of a cover letter.

Academic Counselor Cover Letter Format

The cover letter format is a very traditional and simple one with your contact details, typically mentioned at the top center or the top left corner of the page, depending on how you would like it to look.

The addressee's name, designation and firm's address follow next. You are to keep the letter very short and finish it in just half to one page and in two or maximum three paragraphs.

The introduction will talk about your source of knowledge about the job vacancy and then convince the recruiter for calling you for the interview.

Mention a thank you line at the end and also mention if you plan to meet him or her before the scheduled interview. Last but not the least, make the cover letter personal by finding out the recruiter's name and avoid any kind of error. Now take a look at the sample of an academic counselor cover letter.

Academic Counselor Cover Letter Sample

Hepsi Rachel
15 - Doll's House,
Moledina Street,
243, Nun's Mission,
Cell No. - 12345 67890


Mark Jonathan
HR Manager
The Naval Studies Academy,
Washington DC.

Dear Mr. Jonathan,

I am introducing myself as a response to the advertisement I saw in the national daily, Your Employment dated 02/15/2011 for the post of an academic counselor. My immediate reaction after reading the requirements for the said post was to write this letter to you and convince that I am a very suitable candidate for your firm. I have a keen sense of learning and am a voracious reader. I like to keep myself updated in all spheres of education and love to be surrounded by students of all ages and culture. Your organization being one where you have many foreign nationals coming in, in the recent months, I am sure you will find me to be very efficient and hardworking.

I will call you on the 02/17/2011 at 1700hrs for fixing an appointment before the scheduled walk-in interview. Looking forward to meet you. Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Hepsi Rachel.

Enclosures: Resume and Certificates

Referring to this format and sample of an academic counselor cover letter, you can draft one for yourself. All the best!

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