Enrollment Counselor Cover Letter

Enrollment counselors are the most critical part in every college, trade school, university and vocational schools as well. These people are the only first contact of the student that the school will usually have. Their main responsibility is filling the seats and promoting the university or school to potential students. The cover letter for enrollment counselor is written like any other cover letter in the standard format.

The cover letter is mainly divided in three paragraphs. The first paragraph will be the introductory paragraph, which has all the various pieces of information. In this paragraph you will have to add the position reference, because most the times the organization will have multiple openings. Second, you will have to summarize your abilities and experience for performing the duties related to the position.

The second paragraph should be used for relating your experience to the position listed. You will have to mention your educational qualifications as well to properly relate with the listed job position. You don't have to be brief about it, because your resume will also be covering the same points. Therefore, just give the employer a glimpse of what he/she can expect in your resume.

The third paragraph of your cover letter should focus on some extra expertise. You should be able to highlight any ability or experience, which will prove you unique as compared to all the other applicants. The special importance out here should be drawing attention towards all the earlier positive associations between your company and you, which will provide the organization with extra ways to check your accomplishments.

If you are finding trouble in writing your own cover letter, then here is an example enrollment counselor cover letter.

Enrollment Counselor Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Mila Richard
3856 Lake View Street
Pinedale, WY82941
Mobile: 374-184-1836
E-mail id: r.mila@example.com

Employer Contact Information
Ms. Janet Henry
University of California
264 Silverdale Street
California, CA8474

Date: June 23, 2011

Dear Ms. Henry,

I am writing this letter to apply for your listing of enrollment counselor on www.monster.com at University of California. This is my forte and I have the perfect combination of skills and experience to offer this post. I have attached my resume along with this cover letter.

For an overview of all the qualifications that are listed on my resume, I have a degree from Harvard University in Academic Counseling and Administration. Also, I have five years of experience as enrollment counselor with Victory High School. Meanwhile, I have helped many college bound high school students in meeting the required qualifications for their college application to the best ability. I have spent my maximum times in discussing activities, goals and strengths, which would prove to be plausible submission for the school. Also, I am sure that I will easily bring the same level of dedication and success to your University.

If you think that my qualifications are worthy, then you can get in contact with me at 374-184-1836 or you can e-mail me at r.mila@example.com. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Mila Richard
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume

This is a sample format of how you should write your enrollment counselor cover letter. However, you can make changes as per your requirements. Remember that you check the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes before posting the cover letter.

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