Cover Letter for International Student Advisor

Migrating to foreign countries for educational purposes has been going on since ages. There are many formalities involved in the process which are impossible to attend to without any assistance. It is also necessary for foreign students to know rules and regulations of the country. Hence, educational institutions hire an international student adviser to assist people and make them complete required paperworks.

The adviser works in an international affairs department and ensures international students are provided with services such as hostel accommodation, library card, and other essentials. He or she will guide foreign students on immigration requirements and institution's regulations, scan their paperworks and offer suggestions on how to avail services. The adviser will also organize an orientation and cross-cultural program to help new students to know the American culture. In addition, he or she will perform administrative work and develop policies for international students.

Cover Letter Sample

Warren Roberts
10 Brimmer Street
Boston, MA 02108
Phone: 617-742-3627

October 01, 2013

Professor Jean Martin
Head of International Affairs Department
Learners' University
1 Silber Way
Boston, MA 02215

Subject: Application for the position of International Student Adviser

Dear Prof. Martin,

I have seen the job advertisement for the position of an International Student Adviser on your website. After learning about your university and the responsibilities you want to fulfill by a person working in this position, I am glad to apply for the job. Though I have not studied in a foreign country, I still understand what students need who come to our land for education. I enjoy assisting people in needs and have great regards for them as they are making a decent contribution to the economy of our country.

I am fluent in written and spoken English, and also have done diploma courses in French and German languages. I have assisted thousand of students in enrollment process and with visa and immigration issues. My knowledge of multi-language is very useful for students who are not familiar with English. Currently, I am responsible for coordinating service delivery to foreign students.

I have organized orientation and cross-cultural programs for foreign students. I have also completed paperworks necessary for availing accommodation facilities in and outside campus. I maintained absolute confidentiality when assisting students. Further, I have maintained students' records and kept an eye on their activities.

In addition to performing internal responsibilities, I also offer necessary and important services to students whenever needed. This include arranging for doctors, lawyers, housing facilities, etc. The positive point of my experience is that I can draft relevant policies after assessing the needs of foreign students.

I am adept in completing legal paperworks necessary for enrollment in educational institutions. Therefore, I can handle a major part of your responsibilities efficiently. You can call me at your free time at 617-742-3627 for further discussion. Thank you for your time.


Warren Roberts

Enclosure: Resume

Ability to write and read any foreign languages other than English will boost your chance in securing the job. This sample cover letter has the potential to receive a call from the recruiter because the applicant has learned foreign languages.

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