Interpreter Cover Letter

An interpreter cover letter is an important document that you should compile in the course of applying for a job and compiling a resume. It is one of the factors that makes your resume stand out and sets you apart from the rest of the applicants. It is mainly to impress the recruiter and an attempt to persuade him to call you back for a personal interview. The cover should include your work experience, ability to comprehend and translate different languages into English and back. It should also highlight your educational qualifications and other work related programs you have undergone. The cover letter needs to be as impressive as it can get. Highlight all your achievements and interest related to the field. You could even make bullet points.

An interpreter is a person who facilities dialogue between two or more people who speak different languages. So naturally, an interpreter cover letter should contain the number of languages you know and your level of fluency and proficiency in the language. You must include whom the letter is addressed to as well as personal information comprising of your name, address, contact number and email address. Choose a suitable font and font size for your cover letter. The easier it is for the recruiter to read and understand your cover letter, the more likely it is that he will call on you for a personal interview.

Sample Interpreter Cover Letter

Chandler Green
25-Prestley Apartments
Garrow Lane
Whipple Road
New York 879678

Contact Number:
0017865647975/ 00178656493735

June 17th 2011

The Hiring Manager
Genesis Travel Institute
34 Rovena Complex
Parker Lane
Trunk Road
New York 879608

Dear Sir,

Subject: Application for the post of an interpreter.
Reference: Advertisement on the website

I recently came across an advertisement on your website indicating the vacancy for the post of an interpreter. I would lie to apply for the same. I am proficient in three foreign languages namely French, Spanish and Japanese. I can read and write in all three languages and have been learning them for over five years. I feel have the required skills and experience to serve your company well. I have summarized my achievements and credentials and will provide requisite proof on request.

In 2009, I went on a cultural exchange program to Spain through the International Youth Exchange program organized by the Rotary Club of Canton, Ohio. I lived among the Spanish people for an entire year and was able to absorb their cultures, dialects and traditions. This program has given me a great advantage in understanding how the Spanish people like to be treated. As for French and Japanese, I completed the intermediate levels of both languages through International Language Club in Canton, Ohio. I also possess certificates of the examinations I have taken for the same. I am currently studying German in college and had chosen French and Japanese as my subjects in high school.

I have always loved languages and have even traveled to the native places of the languages a few times. In 2010, I spent around three months in France. I underwent a three month grammar course in the French language. I hope I can make use of my services and be of use to your esteemed company. I am honest and sincere employee and have always delivered what was in my reach and what was expected of me. I wish to discuss more over a personal interview if you will have me.

Thank you
waiting in anticipation
Yours sincerely
Chandler Green

The above sample of an interpreter cover letter can help you compose your own cover letter. It can even be altered and tailored according to your skills and achievements. Just make sure you write an impressive cover letter and include all experiences you have dealing with the languages and your educational qualifications. Good luck!

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