Residential Counselor Cover Letter

A residential counselor is a highly professional and responsible person. He primarily focuses on the direct services that persuade the clients to participate in activities that will contribute to healthy living. These services are professional treatments and provide intense care to the residents. If you are looking to apply for such a position, it is important that you have a cover letter accompanying your resume. This is a great start for a job search.

Residential Counselor Cover Letter Format

The format of the cover letter will explain how to write these letters and help you take the first important step in your job hunt.

The sole objective of the cover letter is to market your skills and grab the immediate attention of the employers. Hence, this is the reason why professionals suggest that you accompany your resume with this letter introduction.

Now have a look at the sample cover letter below that will give you a clear idea as how to write these letters and impress the prospective employers.

Sample Residential Counselor Cover Letter

Susan Clark
203 North West Emma Road
Hillsboro, Oregano
United States

September 9, 2011

Jennifer Thomas
Hiring Manager
TDS Company Pvt. Ltd
211 South Gaylord Street
Centennial, Colorado
United States

Dear Ms. Thompson,

This is with regard to the advertisement that you have posted in Oregano Times, dated 5th September. As per your requirement, I have the experience and educational background that you require for the post. My enclosed resume will give you detailed information on my work experience and educational background.

I have worked in Mary Child Care Center as a residential counselor for the past seven years. I am aware of the duties and responsibilities involved in this position. The center I worked with primarily focused on delinquent children and abused children. My key role in the organization was to help children overcome emotional problems. I am capable to supervise them and set some career goals in their minds. Other than teaching them moral values and guard their safety and well-being, I motivate them and counsel them regularly. As per your requirement, I am good with administrative activities and keep of the daily records of each and every student. I can join your organization as immediately as you want me to.

If you find me worth the job, you can call me any time between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to discuss on this in detail. My contact details is (503)-302-0975 and e-mail address is

Susan Clark

Attachments: Resume and Work Experience Certificates

I hope the above example for residential counselor cover letter is an impressive way to showcase your interest and enthusiasm for the post. It can help you include information that is relevant for the post and improve your chances of getting an interview call. Good luck with your job hunt!

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