Summer Camp Counselor Cover Letter

Do you like working with children and have a lot of time on your hands during the summer, then write in a summer camp counselor cover letter to get a job as camp counselor. This profession is a fun way to interact with young children and teach them some good values in life.

The tradition of summer camp has existed from a long time. Many parents send their children to these camps where they learn many fun activities and make new friends. However, since they are away from their homes and away from their parents, they require the guidance of an older person to whom they can talk to. Therefore, all summer camps have camp counselors who help out in the activities and talk to the children who are facing problems.

Camp counselors are themselves students but they are older than the students in the camp and know a lot from experience. They help design all the exercises and fun activities for the camp and help others in conducting them. This profession may not be a high paying full time job, but this experience counts for a lot in which ever field they choose to go in.

The interviewer is not expecting a fancy letter that will really surprise and impress them; they are just looking for honest letter. They will test whether you are genuinely interested in working with children and whether you are up to the responsibility of caring for them. The camp organizers give preference to people who have had experience; therefore, if you have been a counselor before, state that in the letter. It will improve your chances of getting hired.

The guidelines give below are a great way to write this letter. Just follow them and your summer camp counselor cover letter will be ready.

Guidelines for summer camp counselor cover letter

The simple informative cover letter below will clear up any doubts you still might have.

Sample Summer Camp Counselor Cover Letter

Jason Bridges
567, Honey Woods
Spokane, Washington, USA
(212) 887 0991
Cell No. (965) 214 8209

Avery Holstein
Whistling Woods Summer Camp
45, Liberty Ville
Spokane, Washington, USA

Dear Mr. Holstein,

I have recently moved to the wonderful town of Spokane and have fallen in love with the wonderful people over here. I heard from my high school friend, Daisy Cole, about the wonderful summer camp you organize for the children of Spokane. Daisy is a camp counselor in your camp and informed me that you are looking for another person to volunteer. I would love fill in this position as I have prior experience working as a camp counselor.

I have worked for two summers in the Sunshine Summer Camp in my hometown of Reno. I was the head camp counselors and worked with 4 other counselors. The camp had over a 150 children at a time. I also organized all the fun activities along with the other counselors and ensured good participation. Both the years I worked, there were no injuries amongst the children and they all had a great time.

In the camp, we had children from the age group of 10 - 14. I interacted with most of them and even provided counseling to a few children who were feeling home sick. I am well trained in providing first aid including CPR. I am also a good swimmer and have done voluntary life guard training course. The main reason why you should give me this opportunity is that I love interacting with children and feel that a summer camp is a great place for them to develop their personalities.

Please feel free to contact me on any of the phone numbers or the email address given above. I hope to get some positive news from you regarding the interview. Thank you.

Sincere regards,
Jason Bridges


  1. Photocopy of resume
  2. Photocopy of certificate in lifeguard training

The summer camp counselor cover letter will help you land in the camp counselor job. This job is great way to get field experience if you want to get into the field of counseling.

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