Babysitter Cover Letter

Babysitting is a job which involves significant responsibilities. Parents will select a teenager or a young adult as a babysitter only if they can completely trust him or her. Hence, a babysitter cover letter should portray a character of yours that shows you are completely reliable and could be easily trusted.

If you consider becoming a babysitter, make sure you know and can handle responsibilities. You need to be good with children and have a lot of patience and energy to handle them.

Job Responsibilities of a Babysitter

It is good to know the job duties and responsibilities of a babysitter so that you can include them in your cover letter.

A babysitter is the one who takes care of a family's children for a couple of hours while the parents are away from home. The job responsibility includes providing a meal or snack for the children and find ways and means to engaged and entertain them. Apart from this, there could be another duty to follow the family's bedtime routine. Above of all these responsibilities, the babysitter should keep the kids safe and entertained in a fun way which does not include watching movies and TV.

Samples for a babysitter cover will show you some important tips as how to write such type of letter and what to include in it.

Sandra Parker
4567 Westwood Avenue
Huntington, New York 1178

March 22, 2011

Ms. Linda Edwards
Brentwood housing
Apt No. 56
3567 Tail Ends Road
Green Bay, WI 679

Dear Mrs. Edward,

I am a student of (name of the institute you are studying at) and I am 20 years old. I found the advertisement, which says that you seeking an experienced babysitter for your two children. I believe I would be great choice for this part time job position for a number of reasons.

I am an honest girl and have two years of experience of taking care of children ranging from the age of 6 months to 13 years old. Hence, this experience helped to know how to take care of the ever changing needs of various age groups of children. You can see my attached references as this will tell you my success in babysitting different children. I believe all this is what is needed in a good babysitter. Apart from this I have a valid driver's license and a clean record.

I am positive, responsible and willing to commit for a long term and start immediately as you want to.

If you feel I meet your requirements and feel I can be a good babysitter, please call me at (insert your contact details).

Thank you so much for your time to consider my letter. I look forward to hear from you soon.

Sandra parker

Enclosure: resume and work experience certificates

The cover letter should include the following essential functions of a babysitter:

Make sure the babysitter cover letter, gives the impression to the parents that you can perform them effectively and will probably be the best candidate for the job post.

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