Baggage Handler Cover Letter

Cover letters are very important along with resumes as they help you getting the reader's attention and highlight your key potential.

It should be a summary of the documents that you have included to apply for the position of the job. Baggage handling is one important airport jobs as they ensure that the passenger's bags are loaded and uploaded at the right time. If you are planning to apply for such kind of job, make sure you write an effective baggage handler cover letter to express your interest in the job.

Cover letter helps you to make a noticeable potential in comparison to other candidates. Hence make a professional letter with the help of the sample cover letter for baggage handler.

Marshall Cassel
4562 Bombardier Way
Columbus, OH
Zip Code: 56783
Phone: 124-256-6789

March 14, 2011

Lily Clarke
Owens-Illinois Inc
4256 dean lane
New York

Dear Mrs. Clarke,

I am interested in being a baggage handler for (mention the company's name). Recently, I have come across on your website for the twenty four hours a week job of a baggage handler. I believe the requirement for the job list suits me very well. I go to night schools and I need a work that will support my endeavor.

I am strong enough to load and unload suitcases of any sizes as well as other baggage such as airfreight, mail and counter-to-counter package for aircraft transport.

I would like to contribute to the airline industry by being a baggage handler that plays an important role to maintain a good public relation.

If you wish to know more about me my qualifications and discuss on my abilities, please contact me at (mention your contact details) and I will arrange to come to your office at your convenience at any weekday afternoon.

Thank you for your time and considering my cover letter.

- Marshall Cassel

Enc: resume, merit certificates

The second sample baggage handler cover letter is given below:

Your address:


Recipient's address:

Dear Mr. / Mrs.

I am very interested in your recent opening for a baggage handler post that I saw posted in (mention the job site). This letter is in response to that ad as I feel that I match up with all the requirements for it. I have been a baggage handler for over two years and I know what it means to be a baggage handler. I know how important is a customer's satisfaction and I always take care on particular items especially when they are breakable. I am strong and muscular and can handle baggage weighing fifty pounds easily.

In addition to this, baggage handling is a team effort that is something I would like to share and bring forward. I feel that my personality and friendly nature coupled up with the attention I pay to my customers make me a perfect fit for the job in your company.

I would like to meet you in person and discuss further on my qualifications and experience. If you feel that I can meet up to your expectations, please call me at (mention your contact details). I can also be reached at (insert your email id)


Your name:

Enclosure: resume, experience certificates and salary slips

The baggage handler cover letter can help you impress your potential employer and also help you to express your interest in the job position.

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