Banquet Captain Cover Letter

Any cover letter provides relevant information about yourself that may not be listed in your resume. This is a good way to show your interest for the job post. As you may know that banquet captain is the person who ensures that his or her assigned events and other related activities are organized and executed properly. Applying for a job for such a post requires a good and well written resume and cover letter. The banquet captain cover letter will help the applicant state about the specific job and explain why he or she is qualified for it. This letter will eventually prompt the employer to call the applicant for an interview.

Before you get down with the writing of the cover letter for the banquet captain, it is good to know the job description and the responsibilities involved in this profession.

Banquet Captain Job Description

The banquet captain is a food professional service provider who is employed within a hotel or a banquet hall. He or she is responsible to oversee each and every aspect of the catered event which includes the initial planning to cleaning the hall and supervising staff. During the vent the banquet captain should maintain a constant contact with the host and ensure that everyone runs seamlessly.

The sample banquet cover letter given below will help you to write these letters in a better way.

Martha Scott
1356 Victoria Street
Baton Rouge, LA 5678

March 16, 2011

John Hawes
Broadway Hotel
4567 terry lane
Longwood, FL 6789

Dear Mr. Hawes,

I recently came across an advertisement in (mention the name of the source) for a banquet captain at your (mention the name of the resort or hotel). I would be an excellent banquet captain. I have enclosed my resume with this letter for a prompt attention.

Ideally, I have a degree in (mention your qualification and the institute you went) and have worked as a banquet captain at (mention your previous company) for the last five years. I am now moving to this area and would love to work at your resort. I have the necessary combination of culinary abilities, supervisory skills, customer service and outstanding coordination that you have mentioned in the advertisement.

I have a lot of ideas and new innovations that can be of great use to you and your resort. Please contact me at (mention your contact details) so that we can discuss on this more. Thank you for your time and considering my letter.


Martha Scott

Enclosure: resume and work experience certificates

Some of the tips you should know while writing the letter are given below.

This is how you can write an effective and good banquet captain cover letter and improve your chances of getting the job.

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