Bar Attendant Cover Letter

The bar attendant also called as the bartender is the one who serves drinks to different people. Sometimes, he/she may also have to serve food, which depends on the place of employment. In addition to this they are responsible to upkeep the bar and make sure that their guests are satisfied with their service. A resume cover letter is important and is usually sent with the job application so as to supply the background details. A bar attendant cover letter should help you show your distinctive background that fits to the company needs.

A good and well-written cover letter can set you apart from the rest of the eligible candidates. An applicant with an outstanding cover letter will definitely get noticed at once by the employer. This eventually will lead him or her to be called by the employer for an interview.

Instructions for a bar attendant cover letter:

The sample bar attendant cover letter given below can help you create your own cover letter for the post.

George Simpson
22 Beachside Way
Venice, CA 5678

March 16, 2011

Alice Williams
Hiring manager
Bar and Grille Shop
4563 Sunset Blvd
Venice, CA 56738

Dear Mrs. Williams,

I am responding to the advertisement in (mention the source for the job here) for the bar attendant's position in your hotel. I believe my interests and credentials will match with your requirement. Enclosed with the letter is my resume which indicates a detail of my training and experience.

I am strong and have a good health with no medical history. I am a fast learner and also work well with other people. In addition to this I have a year's experience in bartending at (mention your previous company). During this span of time I could mix hundreds to thousand different types of drinks.

I would be happy if we could meet in person so that we can discuss more on this and also about my previous experience. Please contact me at (mention your contact details) at your convenience.

I am really grateful for the time you took for considering my letter.

George Simpson

Enclosure: resume and experience certificate

Another sample letter is given below:

Your address:


Recipient's address:

Dear Mr. XXX,

I want to thank you for posting the advertisement in the local magazine (mention the name of the magazine) as a bartender, recently. I have enclosed my resume with this letter.

I have been working as a bartender for the last two years. I have acquired a good knowledge of the service, the bar menus and I also know how to interact with different customers patiently. I am a professional and also a good communicator. I want to be a part of your hotel and serve your guests with the best of my service.

Thank you for your time and I seek to talk to you more about the position. Please feel free to contact me at (contact details).


Your name:

Enclosure: resume

These are some ways to write an effective bar attendant cover letter. Go through them once more and draft an effective cover letter for yourself.

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