Bell Captain Cover Letter

Bell captains are found within the hospitality industry or other primarily hotels and resorts. They are manager level professionals who coordinate work schedules, manage their performance and implements practices. In some cases, their duties may coincide with those of concierge. Before you get down with the bell captain cover letter, it is good to know the job responsibilities for such a post.

Job Responsibilities of a Bell Captain

Bell captains are the one in charge of the staff and all other activities regarding establishments of bell services and this includes carrying and storing of luggage, delivering massages, running errands and providing a general facility in the area of information to guests.

In addition to this, they are responsible to train the bell hops on staff. Other issues like solving transportation issues are also done by bell captains. Assisting in the development of and ensuring the staff operates in compliance with good practice guidelines and procedures are some of the responsibilities of a bell captain.

Below is a sample cover letter for bell captain that will guide you to write such type of letters.

Your name and address (this should include a detail of your contact information such as city, state, phone and zip code)


Employer's contact information

Dear Mr. / Mrs. (XXXX),

I am writing this letter as a response to the advertisement that you have listed on the website (mention the source of the job vacancy). Please find my enclosed resume with this letter.

I have been a bell captain for the last seven years at (mention the name of your previous company). I find my qualifications and experience to match up the position at your well esteemed hotel. I am great in providing services such as transportation professionals, customers and hostel employees. I am very excited to look and expand my experience and career with a more prestigious hotel. The high level commitment for customer service is what I am looking for and this is what your hotel offers. I have a good work relationship with my colleagues and can command attention.

If you feel I meet up to the credentials that you have listed in your job list, please call me at (insert your contact details) as soon as possible.

Your name:

Enclosure: work experience certificates and resume

Other important tips to write a cover letter for bell captain are given below:

The cover letter should be presented in a business format and should be tailored to suit the position you would like to apply for. Furthermore, the cover letter should be written in a single page as this will demonstrate the candidate's competence and communication skills that will help to present him in a direct manner. This can be done by clearly focusing on important details of the resume wherein you can describe your characteristics and strengths that make you an ideal choice for the post.

This is how you can write a bell captain cover letter that helps you create a first impression in front of the employer.

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