Biologist Cover Letter

A good and well-written biologist cover letter is used as letter of introduction and sales pitch as well. The letter should set you apart from all the others. Like a good sale pitch your cover letter should help you motivate the potential employer to learn more about you. While your goal in the first place is to get an interview and ultimately the job offer, nonetheless the cover letter in some cases will simply help to gain an attentive audience for your resume.

A good and effective cover letter has several characteristics. First of all it helps to give a positive impression about you as a candidate for the post, second it demonstrates that you can cater to the needs of the employer, third it assures that you could be right candidate for the post. Hence, all these can set in your cover letter and persuade the employer to review your cover letter.

The cover letter of a biologist should establish a rapport between you and the potential employer. Hence, it is necessary to structure the letter well. The introductory paragraph should be generating interest and state your interest for the position. Then comes a paragraph that should demonstrate your ability to add value to the post, furthermore it should highlight your key strengths and abilities. A statement that compels or ensure a follow-up action for an interview should be written at the end of the letter.

Below is a sample cover letter for biologist that helps applicants to get the position and also include pertinent information about their education and work experience in this field.

Alex Roaster
453 Park Avenue
Boston, MA 7546
(121) 435- 5467

April 22, 2011

Mr. Charles Walker
Hiring manager
Boston Biological Laboratory
345 city side, USA 4356

Dear Mr. Walker,

I am responding to the advertisement in the (mention the job source) for the position of a biologist. I believe my credentials and interest will match to the requirement. I have enclosed my resume for your consideration.

I have graduated from a reputable university in biology and have an experience as a biologist for the last five years. This has prepared me for the position you require for your organization. It is an area of great interest and I believe I could bring a new prospective to this department with some of the research I have conducted.

I have heard a lot about your organization and would love to be part of it and expand my research skills.

If you are interested please do call me at (insert your contact details).I look forward to meet you as soon as possible and discuss on this further.

Alex Roaster

Enclosure: resume and work experience certificates

An impressive opening paragraph can make you one of the appealing candidates for the position. The cover letter should overall show that you are confident and positive. These letters should not be ignored as they can be a deciding factor on whether you should be invited to attend the interview or not.

This is how you can write a biologist cover letter and show the hiring manager your combination of training and skill that can be great value to his or her company.

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