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A bookkeeper is a like a sentry who keeps a watch on something happening in and around the premises. Though the nature of the work is same, the only difference is that he will make an entry of every single transaction done by the company. He will see that every product that goes out of the premises is duly billed and there is an entry for the same. In addition, he will also collect invoices and record the payment done by the company for any raw materials. In short, anything that comes in and goes out of the premises has to be recorded precisely and accurately.

Since the job needs the applicant to be accurate, diligent, detail-oriented, and knowledgeable about the types of entry done for debits and credit, the cover letter must be without error and to the point. When you are trying for the bookkeeper's job, ensure that you do not miss the only chance of making an impression on the readers.

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Cover Letter Sample

Simon S. Griffin
2297 Feathers Hooves Drive
Huntington, NY 11743
Phone: 631-623-9739

October 01, 2013

Andrew M. Whatley
Hiring Manager
Jolly Group Inc.
4496 Hall Valley Drive
Huntington, NY 11736

Re: Application for the position of Bookkeeper

Dear Mr. Whatley,

I am a bookkeeping professional with a bachelor's degree in accounting and three-year experience under my belt. Last Sunday, I got a call from one of our clients informing about the opening of a bookkeeper at Jolly Group Inc. As I am eager to be a part of your team and contribute my skills for your organization, please treat this cover letter as my application for the bookkeeper's position.

As mentioned on my resume, I have proven my skills in maintaining details of accounts payable and receivable accurately following the company's norms and sticking to the laws and regulations. In addition, I am experienced in compiling purchase orders from various departments and matching them with the invoices. I have developed a unique system that reminds of paying the invoices in due time. It has helped my employer in saving extra amount paid for a fine. I am prompt in entering and processing invoices and closing accounts payable and receivable into the general ledger.

Moreover, I have a strong presentation, organization, and analytical skills. My extensive knowledge of working in current and universal accounting software along with customized one proves a great help while internal audit and reconciliations.

I am sincerely interested in applying my bookkeeping skills and experience for Jolly Group Inc. I will follow up with you regarding this application next week. Meanwhile, if you need any additional information about me, please call me. Thank you for your patience and time.


Simon S. Griffin

Enclosure: Resume

Your bookkeeper cover letter can also speak about your positive strength that can possibly help the future employer in hiring you. Personalize this letter and make it appropriate with your skills and experience.

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