Building Inspector Cover Letter

Building inspectors are engineers by profession that are trained to assess buildings. They are usually employed by the state building department, or by local building departments or by private construction firms. They may be hired in an attempt to determine whether a particular building is safe or not. Building inspector cover letter gives the hiring manager an idea about the applicant's skills and qualifications. This contains pertinent information that states about your previous work experience. The work experience may be related to sales or training and educational background.

Cover letter for building inspector serves like marketing devices for most of the prospective job seekers. Their purpose is to catch reader's attention and also help to persuade the reader for something such as calling an individual for an interview.

Job Responsibilities of a Building Inspector

It is good to know the responsibilities assigned to a building inspector as you can include this in the cover letter. He or she is responsible to check structures for structural flaws, safety issues and this includes flammable materials, malfunctioning sprinklers and missing fire alarms. He may also look for anything that violates the local or national building code.

Below is sample cover letter for building inspector that can be a sure way to help you get the call for an interview if written with clarity and conviction.

Sample Building Inspector Cover Letter

Comrade Baylor
45 stardust drive
Small village, USA 3678

April 25th, 2011

Mrs. Mariah Kaplan
Department hiring manager
Red Brick Construction Company
293 prospect Boulevard
Town Hall, USA 43678

Dear Mrs. Kaplan,

I would be glad and appreciate if you consider my resume for the given advertisement in the newspaper (insert the source of the job vacancy). I would like to apply for the post as I believe that my credentials are something that matches up the requirement for a building inspector. This is something I always love and enjoy doing.

I have five years of knowledge and experience which are related to inspecting structures and using my engineering skills to determine structural soundness and specification with good compliance. In the past I have been recognized for my integrity and prompt attention to every detail.

I know to every organization, having a strong presence when working in the field is something that is always needed. For this reason, I feel I would be beneficial to (insert the name of the organization).

I hope to meet you and discuss my work history that I can offer your company that will benefit both our interests. You can call me at (insert your contact details) according to your convenience or email me at (mention your email address).

Comrade Baylor

Enclosure: resume and work experience certificates

This is how you can write a building inspector cover letter and introduce yourself to the potential employers. In addition to this, you can use this letter to explain your suitability for the desired position. Cover letters are important for every job seeker because this is one method used for screening out applicants who may sufficiently lack in the necessary basic skills.

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