Cover Letter for Cabin Crew

Cabin crew job is perfect for those who love traveling, visiting places, and interacting with people. Airlines love to have staff that is friendly, courteous, well-natured, and matured. If you are eying a particular Airline to work for, then you must have a well-written cabin crew cover letter along with a resume that is equally drafted well.

The cover letter should be brief and should not contain more than five paragraphs. If the letter can be concluded in four paragraphs, it would look even better. However, regardless of the numbers of paragraphs, the important thing is what you are adding in the letter.

Important Tips

  1. In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and refer to the position applied. The reader will like to know from where you got the information about the opening, which could be an advertisement, or reference from one of the company's staff member.

  2. The rest of the paragraphs would be about your work experience, qualification, strength, the contribution you will bring in from your appointment, and how you intent to follow up. Relate your skills and experience with that of the position applied. Do not include any other skills that do not go with the job. This will spoil your chances of selection. Be specific in what you can do for the company.

  3. Some of the possible required skills for the cabin crew job are excellent communication and customer service skills, giving preference to safety and security of passengers, dealing diplomatically with difficult customers, basic mathematics skills, and proactive. Explain how your positive strengths can benefit the airline.

Cover Letter Sample

Karlene F. Green
4370 Haul Road
Maplewood, MN 55119
Phone: 651-264-2481

September 01, 2013

Lawrence N. Palmer
Hiring Manager
Easy Fly
1769 Bungalow Road
Omaha, NE 68114

Re: Cabin Crew Job (Ref # PL 125423)

Dear Mr. Palmer,

I am working as a cabin crew with the Cloud Airline for the last three years, and is a regular member of their BL-747 aircraft that fly to West European countries. As I am looking for a domestic airline company due to some family commitments, it gives me great pleasure in applying for a Cabin Crew position at Easy Fly as published on the online job portal of

According to what you have asked for the position, my profile is head-to-head with them. I am a graduate in hospitality from one of the reputed institutes of MN. The course that I have gone through have helped me in executing duties on board to utmost perfection. As I understood that the growth of Airline's business relies on how you treat customers and pay heeds to their safety, security, and comfort, I earned the best team member award twice in a year. I am at ease while dealing with difficult customers and execute my duties at the highest possible level during emergencies.

My passion for the job and interest in befriending passengers with diverse background have made me a favorite crew on the board. I even gel up perfectly with my team members. Most importantly, I enjoy my job. Some of the skills Easy Fly will be benefited from my appointment includes:

I am available for an interview during weekends from morning 11 to evening 5. You can reach me either through a phone call or through email to schedule an interview. Thank you for this opportunity that you have offered.


Lawrence N. Palmer

Enclosure: Resume

When you have completed writing the cabin crew cover letter, check for grammar and spelling mistakes. A letter that is spelled incorrectly or not drafted clearly will not generate any result. Therefore, read it carefully and include your skills and experience accordingly. Make sure, you are not duplicating your resume in the letter.

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