Cake Decorator Cover Letter

Cake decoration is one activity that can change from a hobby into a career. Decorating cakes may not be simply to sprinkle and adding frost into layers of chiffon, in fact it is an art that requires mastering, practice and a great deal of training. This can be a unique as well as an exciting career option. If you consider a career in this profession and would like to apply in hotels, supermarkets, resorts, restaurants or banquet halls, you may require a cake decorator cover letter. This will surely help in creating a good first impression for an employer.

Cover letters are generally overlooked from a job search strategy, yet they can play a vital role in presenting you to the recruiter or the potential employer.

A well-written cover letter can greatly increase your chances of getting a call for an interview. The letter will provide a summary of who you are and demonstrate your skills and experience and further show you are qualified for the role. The style of the cover letter on how you approach the employers will greatly decide your job hunting.

Whilst a resume can be regarded as a generic advertisement for you, the cover letter can be used for tailoring the application to the specific job.

Given below is a cover letter for cake decorator that will help reflect your personality and get the much needed attention and specify your interest in the company.

Your name and address:
Contact details:
Email address:


Employer's name:
Job profile:
Company's name:
City, address and zip code:

Dear Mr. / Mrs. (employer's name):

I am writing this in response to the job advertisement you have listed in the job portal (mention the name of source for the job vacancy) for the position of cake decorator. I believe I have the necessary skills and training which is necessary for the position.

Baking is something I always liked and it was one of my favorite hobbies. I never thought baking and cake decorating can help me get paid for something I am good at. I am capable of coming up with 20 or more different ways to decorate a cake. I have a professional training in creating flowers, butter cream finishes, borders, gels, lettering, airbrushing, piping techniques and fondant work. I am ever ready to display some of these products that I have prepared.

I have an experience of two years at (mention the name of your previous employment place) were I worked as cake decorator. Apart from this, I was in charge of cake orders and stock inventory deserts. On an average day, I can fill out icing over hundred pastries for a particular catering line. Creating exquisite patterns for wedding cakes is something I love doing and excellent in it.

I welcome an opportunity to talk on this further and be a part of your organization. Please feel free to call me at (insert your contact details) or email me at (mention your email address). I look forward to hear from you soon.

Thank you for all your time and consideration.


Your name:

Enclosure: resume and work experience certificates

This is how you can write a cake decorator cover letter and express your willingness to be a part of becoming a part of the company. Make sure you include the duties and responsibilities which is expected by the employer.

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