Checker Cover Letter

Checking may seem like a simple job, but this can in the real sense can entail a wide variety of work which involves a lot of small tasks. The work of a checker may vary from one store to another. The tasks carried out by a checker are counting till, customer service, manual labor, credit and debit card handling, clean up, cash counting, memorization of product codes and lot more. Checker cover letter is one best way for a prospective employer that let the hiring manager know your credentials and how you fit into the post.

Cover letters must be included with your resume. This is a way to introduce you to potential employers, your skills and why you are applying for the job. This is one the best chance to make a great impression at the first go.

Following are some tips to write a winning cover letter for checker.

A sample cover letter for checker is given below that will guide you to write such type of letters.

Lionel Franks
35 Hawkins Avenue
Woodland, USA 3902

May 2nd, 2011

Mr. Roger Edward
Hiring Manager
City garments store
38 Sunset Streets
USA 3829

Dear Mr. Edward,

This letter is in response to the checker position which was advertised in the job portal last week by your company. I greatly feel my skills, experience and knowledge about the profession will rightly fit into the position.

Some of the key strengths that I possess that could be an asset to the post of your company:

I have completed my training and have also received a certification for selling some grocery products. I have no health problems in the past and have the endurance to stand for long periods. Apart from this I can perform general work duties. My experience can make a huge difference to your organization.

I would greatly appreciate if we could meet up and discuss on this further. I can be reached (insert contact details) or email me at (mention your email id).

Thank you so much for reviewing my letter.

Lionel Franks

Enclosure: work experience certificate and resume

This is how you can write an effective checker cover letter and express your desire to work for the company in that post. It should also show your enthusiasm for the work.

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