Cover Letter for Chef

So you love to make people lick their fingers with your recipes and be appreciated. If you have that kind of culinary skills and are looking to working in your favorite restaurant, get the right ingredients to make your cover letter here.

How to Prepare a Chef Cover Letter

In case the owner has mentioned in the job advertisement not to send a cover letter, avoid writing it. If not, then know who is in-charge of hiring. Sometimes, the restaurant or hotel deliberately hides the name and contact details of that person in ads to avoid receiving continuous calls and queries. When you do not see any name given, call the setting and ask politely to whom the cover letter is to be mentioned.

When you have the recipient's information with you, note down the source of information as well since you will need it to mention in the introductory paragraph.


Begin the introductory paragraph by talking something good and interesting about the restaurant or the hotel. Try this even if you are applying to a five-star or a seven-star hotel for a chef's position. Mention how excited you are envisioning yourself as a chef for the establishment. Tell them how and from where you heard about the job opening. If not, then simply mention that the job application is for consideration of a future job opening.

Talk about your culinary skills in the second paragraph. If the restaurant is famous for any special dish, tell them how you can enhance the popularity of the dish with your unique recipe. You may even add a few dishes to their menu if you believe they will hit soon with customers. Further, include that you can manage the rush hour by handling orders in a fast manner, without spoiling the taste.

Let your enthusiasm to work with them shine in the last paragraph. State that you are eager to meet the hiring person and talk about your skills. In addition, thank the recipient for their time.

Cover Letter Sample

Jimmy R. Christner
1105 Southside Lane
Los Angeles, CA 90018
Phone: 323-735-3034

December 01, 2013

Lester R. Hickman
Manager Operations
Chat & Dine Restaurant
2696 Copperhead Road
Los Angeles, CA 90016

Subject: Application for the position of a Chef

Dear Hickman,

I was at Chat & Dine Restaurant yesterday evening as one of my friends was throwing a party. I am thankful to him for having me invited to such a wonderful place and made me taste such sumptuous dinner. The food quality and the way the order was served filled me with great admiration for your management skills. Then and there only I decided that this is establishment I was waiting to work at. Please accept my job application for a Sous Chef position.

I have a degree in culinary arts from a reputed Hotel Management Institute in Los Angeles. Besides, I have been assisting executive chefs for more than four years. I have assisted them in planning menu, taking inventory and placing order for supplies of food and other items required in a hotel business. I started my stint in the food service industry as a cook in a local restaurant. I took this opportunity and become expert in cooking both vegetable and meat dishes, preparing sauces, desserts and pastries.

I also have a certification in nutrition and hold excellent creativity and understanding on different types of recipes. I believe taste and quality are the prime factors for any food serving industry to succeed. I can even handle rush hours and orders, including parties and social gatherings. In addition, my skills will add several new and creative recipes to your restaurant's menu to attract more customers.

Chat & Dine Restaurant was the place I always wanted to get attached to. I am really excited to see myself serving your reputed establishing. Please provide me an opportunity to meet you and show my culinary skills. Shall I drop in directly or inform you before coming to your place on this Wednesday? Inform me about your convenience. Thanks for your time.


Jimmy R. Christner

Enclosure: Resume

This cover letter sample is talking about the restaurant's good qualities that will definitely impress the recipient. In addition, the applicant's interest and culinary skills are also nicely expressed.

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