Cover Letter for Delivery Driver

From product manufacturing to distributing, delivery drivers perform crucial roles. They usually drive trucks to deliver raw materials and finished goods. However, delivery can also be done in a van or a car in case the merchandise is small in quantity and size such as pizza, party cake, flowers, and furniture. Their driving skills are required by several companies, restaurant owners, confectioner and pizza house. To apply, a resume and an interestingly written professional cover letter is necessary.

Tips to write a cover letter

Cover Letter Sample

Terry K. Fuller
1416 Blair Court
Warrensburg, MO 64093
Phone: 660-613-5461

October 01, 2013

Randall O. Burney
Hiring Manager
Perfect Packers Inc.
3135 Railroad Street
Warrensburg, MO 64025

Subject: Application for a Deliver Driver position

Dear Burney,

Today, after seeing a job advertisement for a deliver driver position published in “The Job Herald,” I would like to offer my candidature for the same. I am an experienced driver and has no kind of blemish on my career despite being in this field for seven years and driving on four major national highways connecting this state. My resume is enclosed that can talk about my qualification and work experience in great depth.

I can drive any types of heavy, light and commercial vehicle. I hold a driving license issued to me by the traffic authorities of MO. This is one of the advantages I can bring it to Perfect Packers Inc. My experience consists of delivering perishable goods, collecting acknowledgement and cash, ensuring goods are delivered in safe conditions and in a timely manner, following rules set by my employer in transporting goods.

I gained my skills from working in a oil company as a driver where I used to deliver inflammable goods to distant places. I have covered four different states and am familiar with the national highways. For me, no address is untraceable or unreachable since I can very well make use of the GPS and other navigation system you may be using while goods delivery.

I will pay a visit to your office next Monday at 11:00 am. Meanwhile, I am available on my phone at your convenience. Thank you for your time.


Terry K. Fuller

Enclosure: Resume

This letter clarifies the employer about the candidate's ability to drive all types of vehicles. Further, the employer also comes to know that he can use latest navigation system and is familiar with routes to neighboring states.

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