Cover Letter for Dispatcher

Dispatchers are the coordinator, messengers or transporters that work in different types of organizations such as fire departments, police, medical emergency services, taxi/cab providers, train stations, trucking companies, and public utility companies. They receive and transmit authentic and correct messages, track vehicles and equipments, and maintain records of important information. They are a vital link in accomplishing any type of operations.

There are different types of dispatchers, and the role and duties would depend upon the organizations they are working for. For example, a public-safety dispatcher is also known as public-safety telecommunicator or emergency dispatcher. The person serving the department would receive calls from individuals in need of help from police, fire departments, and emergency medical services. The dispatcher would note down the details of help required with other necessary details and then activate the service.

Tips to Write Cover Letter

The goal of the cover letter is to convince the hiring managers about your suitability for the applied job. This is achievable only if you are able to reflect your personality through the cover letter. Of course, you do not have to write your history for that. Just a few attributes matching with the job is enough.

Note that the cover letter is not a guarantee about securing the job. Its use is only for receiving a chance to meet the hiring person. Getting the offer letter would then depend on how you manage to convince the interviewer in appointing you. Therefore, try to be polite, genuine and sincere when expressing your skills and interest in the job.

Cover Letter Sample

Jimmie G. Lam
1707 Rhapsody Street
Ocala, FL 34471
Phone: 352-368-2465

September 01, 2013

Derrick G. Cook
Recruiting Manager
A-1 Taxi Enterprises
3367 Mesa Drive
Ocala, FL 34672

Re: Application for the position of Taxi Dispatcher

Dear Mr. Cook,

Thank you for the recent posting of a dispatcher's position on the A-1 Taxi Enterprises website. This opportunity means a lot to me, and I want to fill it up with my experience, enthusiasm, and dispatching skills. This cover letter is my sincere and honest attempt to convince you about my capabilities in terms of the requirements for the position.

I am with Shaun Fast Services since 2009 serving as a taxi dispatcher. I hold a current and valid license along with a certification from the FL Traffic Department to drive taxi cabs. Before that I was with a local firm where I learned the tricks of guiding along the Gainesville routes. I have handled over 100 calls from customers daily and have successively dispatched taxis as needed.

My records keeping abilities, coordinating and communicating with the drivers on the road are excellent. I am also proficient in using computer, two-way radio and other means of communication. I have even activated emergency duties in times of emergency to drivers and customers. I have not and will never commit any mistakes in taking orders, processing and dispatching taxis to customers.

I request you to allow me an opportunity to meet you where I could explain in detail what contributions I could make for your organization. I am reachable on the phone or through an email whenever you wish to. Thank you for the job posting and your time.


Jimmie G. Lam

Enclosure: Resume

As said about the different fields a dispatcher could work, we have presented the cover letter that can be used when applying for a taxi dispatcher's job. Applicants trying for a similar position in other sectors could also use it a guide.

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