Florist Cover Letter

A cover letter is as important as a resume. It manifest the intention of the applicant for the post applied. A cover letter can be written in many ways. The main role of a cover letter is to impress the recruiter and to convince him that you are the only person fit for the job. It contains educational qualifications, personal strengths, professional skills and previous experience. We suggest you to follow a format that will help you to write your cover letter. Ideally a cover letter should be written in three sections. Headers i.e. start of the letter, main body, and closing.

Given here is a sample cover letter of a florist. Follow the sample and make your cover letter impressive.

Sample Florist Cover Letter

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Sub: Application for the post of Florist Cover Letter

Ref: Your ad in the New York Times dated June 8, 20XX

Respected Sir/Madam,

With reference to the ad in your classified in The New York Times dated June 8, 2011 I would like to apply for the post of florist in your event management company. I am well organized and laborious and well qualified for this post of florist. Flowers, so delicate and so beautiful imply many things. I do understand that deploying flowers is an art and because of my extensive study I am sure that I would be able to do justice to this post. I do wish to offer my services to and make good use of my skill and aesthetic sense.

I have done my Graduation in Home science. I have done courses in flower decorations and arrangements. I have great sense of color combination, an eye for aesthetic beauty and excellent judging ability as to arrangement of flowers. I have a deft hand in selecting correct flowers with correct color combination for different occasions. I have been doing this as a hobby since 10 years and joined an event management firm to work as a professional florist 5 years back.

With a five year experience of a florist in ABC event Management Company I have made decorations for parties, birthdays, marriages, family functions, festivals and much more. I have made all the arrangements in five star hotels during ABC Meet of Managers. My responsibilities as a florist include selecting the patterns, placing the order, monitoring, executing the decoration, budgeting and supervising.

Here is the list of the documents enclosed with this cover letter.

  1. Resume
  2. Experience Letter
  3. Relieving Letter
  4. Copies of Identity Proof
  5. Copies of Address Proof
  6. Educational Certificates
  7. Copies of Latest Salary Slip

I hope that you find these documents worthwhile. I am eager to hear from you with the response in the affirmative. I assure you that if selected, I will not let you down and would prove to be an asset for your company.

Sincerely yours,

Drafting a cover letter is not difficult but some points to remember are:

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