Language Interpreter Cover Letter

Language Interpreter Cover Letters are a bit different from other cover letters. In these letters, the context and background is quite important. Language interpretation is a much more comprehensive activity than mere translation. It implies a thorough understanding of not only the meaning of the statements, words, and phrases, but the context in which these can be correctly used. Usually, language interpreters grow up speaking two languages. This gives them an advantage over those who learn the foreign language later in life. If the applicant possesses this head start, it has to be mentioned in the beginning of the letter.

Familiarity with the culture and customs of the relevant foreign language is not absolutely essential, but is a huge opportunity booster. Languages usually evolve from culture. Therefore, such cultural cognizance will provide the candidate with a crystal clear understanding of the context for the use of elements in the language. Training is absolutely essential, for it provides the theoretical foundation on which the superstructure of contextual understanding and fluency can be based.

Language Interpreter Cover Letters also need to address the complementary areas of the job. These include the clerical duties like management of files and folders, word processing, and being thorough with electronic recording equipment and office jargon and procedures, and the ability to meet deadlines without compromising quality. The candidate has to be comfortable with travel, including overseas travel as and when the situation demands. In case of employment with conference centers, the candidate has to be able to work at odd hours during the day and at night.

Sample Language Interpreter Cover Letter

November 29, 2011

David Gilligan
467 12th Street NW
Washington, DC 20006

Andrew Kelly
Interpreter in Chief
Alpha Conference Center
1000 5th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036

Dear Mr. Kelly,

This is with reference to your advertisement in "The Washington Post", dated November 24, 2011, inviting applications for the post of a Russian language interpreter. This letter is an expression of interest in the said position. I have over three years experience as a language interpreter in Russian. I am seeking employment with an institution that is known to provide excellent opportunities for growth with value addition to its employees, to say the least.

I grew up speaking two languages viz. English and Russian, courtesy of a first cousin who is half Russian. I have completed language courses in both these languages and I am well versed with the peculiarities of both languages. My vocabulary in English and Russian is excellent. I have above average skills when it comes to understanding the context in which words, idioms, and phrases are used in both these languages. Apart from this, I am good with the grammar, spellings, pronunciation, and composition in these languages. I am also fairly conversant with numerous elements of the Russian culture that have shaped Russian. This provides me with good background for application of the language.

I complement these linguistic skills with fluent speech, active listening, coordination, and reading. I am experienced with following up with speakers and authors, when possible, in order to correctly interpret their statements. I am also good with the use of standard electronic recording and playback equipment. On certain occasions, I have adopted texts and their translations for various grade levels. I complete my assignments in time and I am well versed with handling the clerical dimension of my job. When the occasion demands, I can travel to foreign locations.

It will be a pleasure to work with a top class organization like yours. I have attached my resume with this letter. You can contact me on the telephone number or the email address mentioned above.

Yours Sincerely
(David Gilligan)

Language Interpreter Cover Letters need to underscore the ability of the candidate to understand the foreign language in the correct context. Interpretation has a much broader connotation than mere translation; interpretation hints towards translation with proper understanding with the proper background.

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