New Firefighter Cover Letter

A new firefighter cover letter is a document attached to the resume turned in by a firefighter applicant. It contains all the skills and training the person possesses for the job of a firefighter. It should highlight other qualities like valiance, sacrificial ability, strength, morale and the right conscience. A lot of lives depend on firefighters. Thus, the recruitment of firefighters is a tedious and difficult process. You need to possess the right determination, the accurate thought process and ability to work well with others. A recruiter looks for all these qualities in the applicant.

There are some key points to be remembered while writing a cover letter. Always include your name, address, contact number, email address and other personal details you think should be known by the recruiter. Then write the designation of the person you are addressing the letter to, the name of the company and the address of the company. Use polite, firm and formal language. Do not use heavy or complicated words. Keep the letter short and simple. Avoid using any derogatory words. Do not include unnecessary information. Remember to give as much information about yourself and your skills. Also, always give the letter a subject and a reference which informed you about the job opening. Lastly, choose a suitable font and font size for the letter. It should be legible and the included information must be easily accessible.

Below is a sample new firefighter cover letter that might help you in composing your very own personalized cover letter.

Sample New Firefighter Cover Letter

Alejandro Torres
765 Garnier Apartments
Tusker Road
Texas 875648

Contact Number:
0013307628586/ 0013307569876


June 29th 2011

The Hiring Manager
Austin Fire Department
764 Turner Lane
South Street
Texas 876394

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Subject: Application for the post of a new firefighter
Reference: Advertisement in The Texas Times

I recently came across an advertisement announcing the recruitment of a new firefighter in the esteemed columns of The Texas Times. I write this letter with an objective to apply for the same. In the recent past, I completed my training as a fire fighter through the Cummingham Fire Department which offers year long courses in training for firefighters. I have even been awarded a certificate for the completion of this course. I am a fresher in the firefighting field and wish to achieve excellence in everything that I do.

I graduated from The International College of Austin with a degree in Physical Health and First Aid. I took up a job in Helga's Health Care Center, where I found taking care of people and prescribing diets and medicines very monotonous. So I decided to put my knowledge to a more dynamic and necessary use- firefighting. Since I have already been trained in first aid and medicine, I can be an excellent medical support employee on the team. As a child I have always been engaged in activities requiring physical exercise, which gives me another advantage of strength and valor to get the job done effectively.

I would be obliged to come by your office if we could schedule a personal interview. I wish to discuss more on these lines with you and would be honored to be training under your watchful guidance. My qualities and skills will not fail anyone and my dedication is of paramount level. You will not regret recruiting this firefighter.

Thanking You
Yours sincerely
Alejandro Torres

The above example of a new firefighter cover letter is an ideal sample of what a cover letter should look like. You may have different credentials to include. You can alter and tailor the format and composition of the letter to meet your requirements and to fit the job profile.

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