School Bus Driver Cover Letter

A school bus driver has to transport all the students to school and get them back from school or any other school-related activities. Moreover, these bus drivers need to follow safe-driving skills; they must know how to interact with large number of kids of various age and their various demands. School bus drivers play an important role in the school community, as they are the only first and last contact with the students every day. The main responsibility of these individuals is picking-up and dropping the students from a defined route and as per the time schedule. Most of the times, they have to navigate from heavy traffic and constantly remain alert for preventing accidents.

These drivers also have the responsibility to maintain order and enforce the school systems rules for following student conduct. Moreover, while making trips from and to school, school bus drivers need to transport teachers and students for some athletic events or on some of the field trips. Also, they have to make weekly reports on the number of students being transported, miles traveled, fuel consumption, and work hours. The essential skills required for this profession are a good driving record and having a commercial driving license with the right endorsements. To get a commercial driving license, the bus driver will have to pass a written test and skills test for demonstrating that they know to drive bus safely.

Some of the schools would require the bus driver to have at least a high school diploma and nearly two years of experience. These candidates need to have extremely good communication skills and the ability to communicate politely and deal with problematic issues. Some of the states will also need the school bus drivers to undergo a background investigation. Except for this, to get a job you will also need to send out a covering letter with your resume. A resume alone will never be sufficient for explaining your skills and talents. Below you will find an example school bus driver cover letter that will guide you further.

School Bus Driver Cover Letter

Marsha Jones

1287 Mount Olive Drive.
Austell, GA30001

December 23, 2011

Ms. Jennifer Keul
St. Johns School
1026 Dovetail Estates
Kemp, OK74747

Dear Ms. Keul,

I would like to take this opportunity and apply for the post of School Bus Driver with your organization. I have just graduated from City Center University and I am actively still pursuing my career in the educational field. Currently, I hold a class 'D' driving license, also I have an excellent driving skills and my knowledge for driving the vehicle without any difficulty will prove to be good for your organization. I have got the ability to concentrate; I am responsible and dependable in a changing and loud environment.

I know the importance to maintain a safe environment every time for the children and I have got the ability for maintaining control always. Disciplining unruly children and keeping order as per the school procedures is an important aspect of my job and I always make sure that I deal with it professionally.

I do know that there is a constant priority to stay focused, to learn the route, getting to know all the children at every bus stop and to make sure no unauthorized person is allowed in the bus. I have excellent ability to read and follow every oral and written instruction, maintain and fill out paperwork correctly and administering first-aid if required. I currently have two certificates in first-aid and CPR.

I believe that these are some of the requirements that you looking for in a candidate and I would want to meet you in person and have a discussion on what I willing be contributing to your organization. Please feel free to reach me at 678-945-7648 or leave an e-mail at for an interview.


Marsha Jones

Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume

Covers letters are very easy to write, so do not panic when you have to write one. If you are not good at written English, then ask a family member or friend to write one for you. Give your best shot, good luck!

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