Van Driver Cover Letter

When you are hunting for a job, you send your resume to the employers so that the employers have an idea about your accomplishments and achievements. A cover letter is equally important, but most of the job seekers do not send it due to negligence. It tells the employer what you have to offer his organization and how you can benefit his organization as in a cover letter, you focus more on the requirements of the employer. Hence, a cover letter can be an important milestone in getting you an interview call from the employer. Therefore, you should send a van driver cover letter along with your resume.

Van Driver Job Description

Most of the van drivers or any other vehicle drivers do not undergo any special training of driving but experience and interest in driving makes them perfect drivers. Education is not mandatory. However an individual has to be more than 17 years of age and should have a license to drive with no previous criminal record. These jobs are available on part-time basis as well, so even school and college going students can pursue a job of van driver. Apart from good driving skills, a van driver should also be able to fix any problems of the van and look after the maintenance of the vans. Ability to drive any type of vehicles will be an added advantage for people looking out for a career in this field.

Here is an example van driver cover letter and a sample format that will help you in drafting your cover letter.

Van Driver Cover Letter Format:

Contact Section
(Name of applicant)
(Address for correspondence)
(Contact number)
(E-mail address)

Date: (MM/DD/YY)

(Name of employer)
(Company name)
(Company address)


Salutation Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss __________,

Opening Paragraph: Talk about yourself in this paragraph. Who you are and why are you writing to the prospective employer. Also do not forget to mention the references or any mutual contacts available with you in the very first paragraph. This will give a clear idea to the employer before he begins reviewing your letter or resume.

Middle Paragraph: Convey your professional experience and academic background in short and highlight your key skills. Tell the employer how your professional experience and skills can be beneficial for his organization in two to three sentences.

Closing Paragraph: In this concluding paragraph, thank the recruitment manager or the person whom your letter is addressed for his time. Also provide your contact details and request for a personal meeting.

(Name of applicant)
(Signature - Optional)


Van Driver Cover Letter Example

Thomas Marshall
354 Any Street
Marsh Cottage
Fort Worth
Texas 78277
Phone: 287-388-9388

Date: December 28, 2011

Steve Cruz
Management Lead
PolyOne Restaurants and Hotels
Fort Wroth
Texas 92778

Dear Mr. Cruz,

I am sending this application in response to the requirement posted in American Jobs Newspaper, dated December 27, 2011 seeking position of Cab Driver. I am a trained and organized driver with good understanding of traffic rules and regulations that make me a good driver.

I have been driving all kinds of vehicles since I was 17 years old and I am currently working with Wing Transports as a delivery driver. I am keenly interested in working with your organization. Apart from good driving skills, I also have ability to repair and fix minor problems in automobiles and will handle additional responsibilities like maintenance and cleaning of the vehicle.

If you find my credentials matching your requirements, you can contact me on my personal contact number or mail id provided. Please refer my resume for further details of my profile.

Thomas Marshall

After writing your van driver cover letter, proof read it to make sure that the name and address of employer are written correctly and there are no minor mistakes in the letter.

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