ASIC Design Engineer Cover Letter

A cover letter of an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) design engineer is like any other cover letter with the same format, motive and is to be written in the American letter writing format. Also known as the blocked letter format, it implies that the contents of the letter have to be on the left, starting from the salutation to the closing. Mention the sender's address on the left top corner; the rest follows the normal letter writing format.

The purpose of the cover letter is to present your personality and keenness for the post you are applying for, to the recruiter. The motive is to catch the reader's attention among the heap of papers lying on the table saying the same thing, vying for the same job. The following sections will give you some tips on how to write ASIC design engineer cover letter along with a sample too.

Cover Letter Writing Tips

Every letter has a format and so does this informal ASIC design engineer cover letter. The basics remain the same; giving the sender's contact details and addressing the addressee with their last name and their designation. There is a section for writing the subject of the cover letter i.e. application for the ASIC design engineer's position. If you want you can mention the source of this information in this section only or in the body of the letter.

The letter ideally talks about the reasons that make you think the employer should hire you, convincing them of your capabilities and mentioning some special reason of your interest in the job opportunity. The example ASIC design engineer cover letter will elaborate on these points. First have a look at the format below.

ASIC Design Engineer Cover Letter Format

The letter starts with the name, addresses and contact details of the sender for the recruiter to contact you and it is aligned to the left. Followed by the date and addressee's details you can then start the body of the letter. Personalizing every cover letter is important to achieve the motive of writing the letter.

Enlist all the documents that you are going to submit along with this cover letter in the end. Also, please note that when you are mentioning about your strengths, try and substantiate the same by supporting documents, like certificates. Every cover letter will be different because the reason for which you want to join a company is different, mention them accordingly.

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Sample ASIC Design Engineer Cover Letter

Torque Earnest
Pacific Waters Mansion
Florence Nightingales Society, Sector 35
E-mail Address -
Contact Number - (775) 128 7243


Kingsley Ernest
Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Department
Steam Works Engineers Co.
Engineers Complex, Sector 54

Re: Post of an ASIC Design Engineer

Mr. Kingsley Ernest,

This is to tell you I am keen in the job of ASIC Design Engineer in your company. I came to know about the position through the notice published in the business magazine, Engineers Post. I have two years experience to offer along and have fetched awards for implementing innovative and effective projects in my previous organization. I am driven by enthusiasm and am an optimistic person who can take work load and work against deadlines.

I am sure I can deliver efficient services to Steam Works Engineers Co. Kindly consider my application for the same. Thanking you.

Sincerely yours,
Torque Earnest


This was an example to show you how to write the ASIC design engineer cover letter. You can personalize the letter bearing in mind which qualities you want to highlight that will get you selected for the job. All the best!

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