ASIC Engineer Cover Letter

A cover letter is something that can turn your employment dreams into reality, if written in a proper manner. A cover letter is a short letter of request to the recruiter to show your eagerness and to portray your highlights.

ASIC Engineer Cover Letter Format

The ASIC cover letter is like any other letter as far as the format is concerned. You have to start with your contact details, consisting of the addresses (postal and email) plus your phone numbers. The placement of this section of the letter can be decided by you. It may either be placed at the center of the page or at the conventional left side.

Below this section, you got to mention the date and then the addressee's name, post and the firm's name.

Now a thing to keep in mind here is that, try to make the cover letter personalized depending on the organization you want to get employed in. Take efforts to find out the recruiter's name and the company's short address.

Then comes the body of the ASIC engineer cover letter. Keep in mind to keep the letter as short as possible; it should ideally be only one page letter. And restrict the number of paragraphs to two or maximum three.

The introductory line should quintessentially convey the reader from where have you got the information of the recruitment and your introduction finishes there itself. After this, you mention why you are writing to him or her and how you think you are the appropriate candidate for them. Now have a look at the following ASIC engineer cover letter sample.

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Sample ASIC Engineer Cover Letter

Sam Roger
Jolly Rogers Bungalow,
Kingdom of Urchins,
Cell No. - 12345 67890


Ruby Matthew
HR Manager
Iceland Technical Services
Engineers Association,

I, Sam Roger, am writing this letter to you as a response to the notice put up in the ABC engineering college. I am a student of the said college and have completed my engineering degree with a distinction. I have many academic awards to my credit and have represented my college in the state level technical competitions too.

I think I will be able to serve in your reputed firm much better than anyone else. I have seen your firm's profile and am sure both of us will benefit each other with our association. Looking forward to have the scheduled interview with you.

Earnestly, I hope that you will not hesitate to call me or email me in the details mentioned above. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Sam Roger.

Enclosures: Resume

So this was a sample letter for the ASIC engineer cover letter. You can personalize it by mentioning whatever your strong points are. All the best!

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