AutoCAD Operator Cover Letter

AutoCAD stands for automated aided design which is an architect's best friend. A highly talented CAD drafter has a great deal of experience in preparing and providing technical drawings of extraordinary excellence. A few of the auto cad operators are specially recognized by the state ministry of urban development and other state association builders. Hence, it is extremely important if you are planning to apply for this post with an effective and professional AutoCAD operator cover letter and resume.

Before you start writing a cover letter for AutoCAD operator, it is good to know about the job duties and responsibilities of the person.

Job duties and responsibilities of an auto cad operator

The main job duty for an auto cad operator is to create drawings and specifications based on calculations, equations and written instructions which are usually provided by designers and engineers.

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The sample auto CAD operator will provide some important tips and guide to write one of your own.

Timothy Wright
3452 Main Avenue,
Washington, D.C.

March 21, 2011

Mark Thomas
HR Manager
AutoCAD Software Company
3456 Scott Circle,

Dear Mr. Thomas,

I am seeking for the position of an AutoCAD operator which you have advertised in (mention the name of the job source) for your company. I have enclosed my resume for your further consideration with this letter.

I have been as an AutoCAD operator for the past five years in (mention the name of your previous company). During this span of time, I have gained a good considerable of knowledge of what it takes to be an effective operator of AutoCAD. I have also put up a quality product in both technical and other creative talent utilized. In addition to this, I have worked with various firms and departments. I have handled all the latest kind of software and programs and designed innovative concepts within tight deadlines. I have a successful and individual tract record. I would like to bring this excellent career knowledge to your firm.

Thanks for reviewing my cover letter. If you would like to know more about my educational background, please feel free to contact me at (insert your contact details) at your earliest convenience. I look forward to your call.


Timothy Wright

Enclosure:resume and work experience certificates

As seen in the above example of cover letter, it is short and precise. The letter barely comprises of three paragraphs which is stated below:

This is how you can write an effective and interesting AutoCAD operator cover letter and help you applying for such relevant jobs.

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