Engineer Cover Letter

An engineer cover letter will be similar to any other cover letter. While writing the engineer cover letter in the upper paragraph you will have to add your personal details like name, contact details and address. After that if you want then you can mention your educational background and work experience.

You can add as many details as you want in the parameter of work experience. Add some details about our position in the current organization and any recognition that you have got. Show some passion in your cover letter. Add some lines that talk about passion as well how you will be catering to the needs of the employer.

Remember that while writing an engineer cover letter you will have to be concise. The mangers are extremely busy and they will not have the time to read your entire life story. You will have to respect the reader by keeping your letter focused and concise. One of the strongest ways of doing this is writing a paragraph, which will summarize your strongest technical skill. Always end your cover letter confidently.

Here is a sample engineer cover letter to guide you.

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Sample Engineer Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Martin Rogers
837 Lake View Street
Florida, FL9484
Mobile: 384-284-3745
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Kristen Richards
VP Technologies Ltd.
1763 Harbor Street
Florida, FL9489

Date: June 18, 2011

Dear Ms. Richards,

Are you looking for an engineer with excellent ability for developing high-performance applications and new technical innovations? If so, then please consider my enclosed resume.

Since 2004, I have served as an engineer to Accenture Company, at this place I have been constantly recognized for developing new solutions for multimillion dollar, globally developed systems and software. I have been responsible for the entire lifecycle development of the new-generation software. Handled this project since the initial stage up to gathering designs, testing, coding, implementation and documentation.

Well known for remarkable client-facing skills, I have actively participated in contracts and proposals, which have landed to six-figure contracts. Excellent in merging the business needs along with high-quality user needs cost-effective designs while considering all the constraints of budget.

My technical knowledge has cross-platform proficiency (Vxworks, Unix, Linux and Windows). Excellent fluency in 13 programming/scripting language (including SQL, Java, Perl, C and C++). Additional knowledge about developer tools, applications, practices and methodology (including self-test automation, OOD and server/client architecture).

My remarkable experience in developing solutions that are user-friendly and in budget would let me step into the role of engineer with VP Technologies and successfully hit the ground running. I will follow-up with you in the coming week, and you can contact me at 384-284-3745. Looking forward to speak with you.

Martin Rogers
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume and Cover letter

This is just a dummy format of how you need to make your engineer cover letter. Always remember that the letter is representing you on your behalf, so proofread it before sending. All the extra time that you devote to your cover letter and resume might get you the job.

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