Facilities Service Engineer Cover Letter

Field service engineer cover letter has to be written like any other cover letter. Whenever you are writing an engineer cover letter, it is important that you keep in mind that you do not need to come up with anything revolutionary. Therefore, it is always better to follow a fixed outline, which is a little similar to a traditional cover letter.

There are many candidates that always try to do something out of the ordinary with their covering letter and end up ruining everything, because it gets too incomprehensible. Just try to follow the standard format for the cover letter and there will be no problems in getting the correct flow of ideas about you to the hiring manager.

To start with, your will have to start the letter by adding your name and contact information. This is one of the most important parts of the cover letter, because then the employer will not have to look for your contact details. Sometimes it is better to use a bigger font for your contact information and name, so that it becomes clearly visible to the hiring manager. If the reader is unable to figure out how they need to contact you, then he/she will move to the next letter and you will miss your chance.

Once you start writing your facilities service engineer cover letter, you will have to state your work experience and educational background. Make sure that your experience is relevant because your employer will not be interested in reading about your ideologies. Try to be as detailed as you can and mention the projects that you have handled. You never know, they may have some connections to the previous job. However, do not overdo your letter, this letter is about you, and not about what school you studied in.

Here is an example facilities service engineer cover letter that you can use as reference.

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Sample Facilities Service Engineer Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Max Roberts
2645 Woodland Drive
Miami, FL93847
Mobile: 937-183-1947
E-mail id: r.max@example.com

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Adam Grath
Paula Engineering Center
1635 Eagles Bay
Miami, FL93847

Date: June 14, 2011

Dear Mr. Grath,

I came across this job opening on www.seek.com for Field Service Engineer, and I have the required skills, experience and availability that your post seeks. Thanks for considering and reviewing my resume, which is attached with this letter.

I have had more than six years as hands on experience as field service engineer with Intellect Systems. This job was facilitated with servicing, troubleshooting and overall planning for every field client with engineering systems and products. Also, I have some experience in working with factory personnel, managing teams of people and hands on systems for the same result. I am an excellent communicator, fast worker and have good experience in making successful projects.

Thank you for going through my cover letter and resume. You can reach me at 937-183-1947 or e-mail me at r.max@example.com at your earliest. I am eagerly waiting to hear back from you, and excited to discuss this background further with you.

Max Roberts
Your Signature

Enclosure: Cover Letter and Resume

This is how you can format your own cover letter. Mention all the hands-on experience that you have had so far working as a field service engineer. Today the competition in this field is increasing, so make sure that your covering letter is unique as compared to others. Sell yourself to the prospective employer so that you get an interview call. Always remember never mention your current salary unless it has been asked for. Proofread your articles for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

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