Instrumentation Engineer Cover Letter

Instrumentation Engineer Cover Letters should provide brief glimpses of the most important and relevant strengths and qualifications of the candidate. Cover Letters are an important part of job applications that are read before the resume. They serve the purpose of positively impressing the recruiter and persuade him to read the resume. This improves the possibility of being short listed for the next round of the recruitment process. As must be evident from the discussion so far, the resume should be seamlessly connected to the cover letter in order to produce a coherent and compelling job application.

Another purpose served by cover letters is defining the area(s) of potential connection between the candidate and the organization where he is seeking employment. Resumes provide a list of capacities, qualifications, and experience of the candidate. This enumeration may explain the suitability of the candidate with his chosen field but may not necessarily explain exactly how he will fit in the organization. This personalization and specific pointer(s) is provided by the cover letter.

The Instrumentation Engineer Cover Letter needs to point out the capacity of the candidate as someone who can develop, design, install, maintain, check, and repair electronic instruments used by the company. Also needing to be highlighted are skills like solving problems, making decisions, working with personnel from different departments, effective communication, and manage time efficiently. Theoretical qualifications include a degree in instrumentation, industrial, or mechanical engineering and should be integrated with skills and experience.

Here is an example of instrumentation engineer cover letter:

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Sample Instrumentation Engineer Cover Letter

Date: November 17, 2011

Ralph Biden
100 Washington Street,
Boston, MA 02111

Mitchell Stevenson
Chief Recruiting Officer,
RapidFire Automobile Accessories,
300 Brookline Avenue,
Boston, MA 02215

Dear Mr. Stevenson,

This is with reference to your advertisement in "The Chicago Tribune", dated November 10, 2011, inviting applications for the position of an Instrumentation Engineer. I am interested in the said position and I have eight years experience as an instrumentation engineer with electronic devices used in automobiles. I am seeking employment with a growing organization, like yours, where knowledge and effort is valued.

As an instrumentation engineer, I have been involved with the design, development, assembly, installation, testing, maintenance, and repair of electronic devices used in automobiles. These include electronic displays for speed, fuel level, revolutions per minute, and torque. I have also worked on audio warning tone systems to indicate open doors, low fuel level, and non buckled seat belts. However, the area that interests me most is the design and construction of the electronic aspects of the Anti lock Braking System. My interest in this system has led me to study it completely and I am conversant with its mechanical aspects as well.

Technically, I am qualified as an Instrumentation Engineer from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I can work well in teams and possess excellent analytical, communication, fault finding, and trouble shooting skills. My fundamentals in electronic systems are fairly strong and I have special expertise in the determination of the ideal location for placement of sensors.

My interest in your organization dates back to my graduation days, when yours was one of the few companies that provided customized installation and maintenance services for specially made automobiles. It will be a great experience, working with a company regarded as the last word in this area. I am looking forward to have a great time with your company. You can contact me on the phone number or email id mentioned above.

Yours Sincerely,
(Ralph Biden)

Instrumentation Engineer Cover Letters, therefore, need to highlight those special traits or that area of expertise that make the candidate stand apart from the rest. This helps the recruiter to understand the precise worth of the candidate and whether the candidate is suitable for the said position. In short, the cover letter should act as a facilitating document - something that gets as close as possible to a direct explanatory talk with the recruiter.

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