Manufacturing Engineer Cover Letter

Before we write about the manufacturing cover letter, let us discuss about the importance of the both cover letters and resumes. The resume is a professional document used by the job aspirants to project their skills and background. Most obvious reason of writing a resume is seeking employment. A resume can be written for various reasons. A resume includes the candidate's professional experience and his academic achievements. The resume is one of those first formal communication sent to the employers on behalf of the candidates.

In many cases, resume is shorter. Many resume experts believe that the longer the resume the better it is. The longer resumes can give more detailed information about the candidate's professional and academic achievements. Sometimes, resume is also used as a marketing tool. In this case, resume should be coinciding with the concerned job profile. Many employers now prefer the resumes to be sent online. This method gives the candidates the flexibility to elongate the resume as per the requirement.

Cover letter is also called as a letter of introduction. It is one of those few documents which accompany the job application. This is first correspondence that the candidate has with the prospective employer. The most common type of cover letter is application cover letter. The application cover letter is written in response to an advertised job opportunity. There are other two types of cover letters, which are networking cover letter and prospecting cover letter.

Your cover letter should state purpose of writing the cover letter. It should state the reason for writing cover letter featuring major pertinent achievements of the applicant. The cover letter also gives insight to what is written in the resume. The cover letter is supposed to be written as brief reference to each achievement. You are required to avoid any unnecessary information which may divert attention of the prospective employer. The cover letter is divided into four parts such as correspondence details of the both the parties, introduction to the pertinent job position, the body part, which gives amplification of what is written inside the resume, and conclusion which shows the next action taken by the candidate.

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Sample Manufacturing Engineer Cover Letter

Albert Hilton
032, Park Ave,
League City, TX-89043
Phone: 903-102-9032
Date: 13.12.2012

Peter Simmons
Senior Recruiter, Neorogenesis Inc
043, Timber loch Pl,
3-4, the Woodlands, CA-90432

Dear Mr. Simmons,

With reference to your advertisement in "Woodland Daily News", dated December, 12, 2011, I am applying for the position of manufacturing engineer in your organization.

I have worked in various industries such as food, pharmaceutical, plastics and oil. I possess exceptional technical expertise which I have used to optimize, set up, modify and assess the manufacturing process. In order to produce quality goods, I have used cost effective methods minimizing any effects on the production level. I have also worked as a designer in my last two assignments. Based on my exceptional thinking and analytical skills, I was promoted to the senior level of manufacturing engineer.

I started my career with the Delta Manufacturing Inc in the year 2005.I have handled all the major responsibilities surpassing the set expectation of the clients. Some of the major job responsibilities I have handled are organizing plant start up and shut down schedules to minimize the production cost, attending various professional training courses to enrich the subject knowledge, overseeing the work of junior engineers, developing new processes for introducing new products, maintaining daily and monthly records, and handling the budgets.

I have completed my Bachelors' degree in manufacturing engineering from Florida Institute of Science and Technology. I have also completed a certificate course for quality project management conducted by the FISH.

I am confident and positive that my profile will best meet your organizational requirement. I am looking forward to work with you.

Sincerely yours,

Albert Hilton

Enclosures: Resume

The manufacturing engineer cover letter gives the detailed pertinent description of the applicant's professional and academic achievements and it showcases his significant skills and job roles in the past.

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