Production Engineer Cover Letter

A production engineer cover letter is different from your resume. Being a letter, it is written for direct communication with the recruiter. It is a very powerful tool to communicate with the recruiter and for him to judge your potential as a prospective employee. Although you may have written letters before, it would be better if you learn how to prepare cover letter because it is a main factor that decides the fate of your career.

A production engineer is responsible to ensure that the production of goods is according to the demand of the users. He also sees that the manufactured goods are not faulty or unsafe for the user. Production engineer will also look after the machinery and equipments used for manufacturing. Controlling production cost is another responsibility assigned to a production engineer in an organization. A degree in production design and/or engineering is required to qualify for this post. Excellent knowledge of product testing combined with extraordinary skills in problem solving and resource management is also mandatory for this profession.

How to write a Production Engineer Cover Letter

An employer reads your production engineer cover letter before everything else. It should be interesting and compelling enough to grab his attention and make him curious to learn more about your professional qualifications. This is possible provided you emphasize on your qualifications and skills without crossing the standard length of a cover letter i.e., a single A4 sheet. Having said that, you should not forget that honesty is the best policy which should be adapted for writing a cover letter as well. Do remember that any employer does not carry a dictionary, so it is expected that you use very simple language to allow the employer to easily understand the content.

Check out our sample production engineer cover letter and you will understand what we are trying to explain.

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Sample Production Engineer Cover Letter

Steve Orton
2910, Donatella Housing, Hickory Square
Denver, Colorado 62410
United States

Date: November 26th, 2011

Veronica Martin
Recruitment Manager
Walbridge Industries
28, Sardinia Lane, North Industrial Estate
Denver, Colorado 62410
United States

Dear Veronica,

I saw your website and found out that your organization requires a Production Engineer for your new manufacturing facility in Denver. I find it to be a very promising and challenging opportunity that will help me to grow further as a Product Engineer and also become a part of a fast paced work environment.

Working in this position for almost thirteen years, I have gathered enough experience and skills to perform the job duties diligently. I have worked for Axel Auto Parts in the past for six years before joining Applied Technologies. In every project of my career, I have successfully implemented the most advanced techniques to increase production and cut on production costs without compromising on the quality of the final product. I also hold expertise in product testing and modification.

During my professional journey, I have realized that hard work, punctuality and coordination are the key to success without which an individual and even an organization cannot succeed. I am always willing to work beyond normal working schedule to complete project within timeline.

Please refer to my credentials and resume for more information. Do reply if you find me a worthy candidate. I hope to get a positive reply and I am also thankful that you have been generous to consider my application.

Sincerely yours,
Steve Orton

It is mandatory to present an error free production engineer cover letter. To avoid any such instance, proofread it twice and also share it with a friend or family member as they might suggest some positive changes which will help you to improve the appearance and content of the cover letter.

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