Sound Engineer Cover Letter

A sound engineer cover letter brings your qualifications, skills and interest into light and also impresses the employer if you prepare your cover letter in a professional style. Your cover letter should match the nature of your job and also suggests the employer that you stand apart from other applicants.

Your sound engineer cover letter can easily impress the recruiters if your qualifications match the one stated for the job profile. You can convey this message by including a brief description of your previous and current job profile, job responsibilities, associated skills and major achievements that contribute to your success in this profession. Also write details of your technical skills and your proficiency with the latest equipments and applications used for sound engineering. Do not make any vague statements. Instead, focus on real facts that can also be found in your resume and credentials, albeit in a compact format. Do not forget that your cover letter definitely does what your resume cannot because it carries an explanatory structure in comparison to your resume.

Job Role of a Sound Engineer

Sound engineering is a highly coveted profession. As a sound engineer, you work with different recording equipments, musical instruments, sound mixing consoles and other tools to design and engineer sounds for music albums, motion picture soundtracks, and live concerts and also for virtual games, computer applications, etc. In this profession, not only technical knowledge is important, but creativity and a passion to engineer cutting edge sounds for different mediums is also important. You need to have an ear for detail and perfection in the final product.

With the sample of sound engineer cover letter, you can easily learn and implement the skills for writing your cover letter.

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Sample Sound Engineer Cover Letter

Josh Norman
C-07, Hazel Wind Apartments, Clover Square
Los Angeles, California 54420
United States

Date: November 2, 2010

Mary Pearson
Recruitment Manager
Vibe Tribe Studios
Los Angeles, California 54426

Re: Application for the position of sound engineer

Dear Mary,

I came to know that you are recruiting sound engineers for a new branch to be opened in Sacramento. I am glad to know that as I have been searching a similar opportunity that offers me creative satisfaction and an opportunity to learn new skills and achieve success in the long run.

As a sound engineer, I possess eight years of experience both as a freelancer and regular employee. I worked for three years at Tune-In Studios as a junior sound engineer. I was involved in different projects including sound engineering and production for television commercials, radio jingles, short films and animated films. I worked as a freelancer for the next two years and got recruited by Zimmer Sounds as a chief sound engineer. I have been active since then with ongoing projects on a regular basis.

I am updated with the latest technologies used in sound engineering and production. I am highly creative and passionate to deliver quality products to my clients with ensured satisfaction. If given a chance to work with your organization, I will definitely be an asset owing to my wide ranging experience and knowledge combined with high levels of enthusiasm and patience.

Along with my application I am sending my resume, credentials and samples of work. I have also given link to my website and other work posted on the web. Feel free to revert at any point of time if you need further information or clarification. I will be highly pleased to have an interaction with you.

Yours sincerely,
Josh Norman

A little time that you invest to create a catchy cover letter reaps fruitful results in your career span. A ground rule to stay on the safer side is to recheck your cover letter at least twice so that any mistakes can be corrected before it reaches the recruiter and puts a bad mark on your profile.

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