Structural Engineer Cover Letter

In your search for a new job, you always need an updated and informative structural engineer cover letter. Employers do expect a resume and a cover letter for any job application from the willing candidates and here your cover letter can establish a professional identity and distinguish you from other candidates as well. It is possible only when you draft the best cover letter that includes the information sought by the employer.

A structural engineer prepares blueprints for construction of different structures such as buildings, railway tracks, bridges, etc. Structural engineers also test the materials used in the construction of these structures and ensure feasibility of the project. To get the job of a structural engineer, you need a degree in civil or structural engineering. You also need excellent analytical and problem solving skills combined with an ability to work in a large team.

How to write a Structural Engineer Cover Letter

A structural engineer cover letter is as important as your resume and credentials. The objective of writing a cover letter is similar to writing a resume; but being a letter, it is in-detail. It is also expected that your cover letter is not very lengthy and carries a concise explanation as to how you can be an efficient employee for this organization. Do not finalize your cover letter until and unless you feel satisfied with the information you provide. Make as many drafts as you wish and try to make it better with each draft until you achieve perfection in the content and style of presentation.

In case you have not written a cover letter earlier, you can learn from the sample cover letter of a structural engineer provided here.

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Sample Structural Engineer Cover Letter

Richard C. Barnes
13, Bloomsdale Housing, Jefferson Square
Austin, Texas 67225
United States

Date: November 27th 2011

Alicia Brown
Recruitment Manager
Highland Engineering Services
Austin, Texas 67225
United States

Subject: Application for the position of Structural Engineer

Dear Alicia,

I came to know that you are currently hiring structural engineers for upcoming projects in the county. I would like to apply for this position as I am very keen to work for your organization. I am highly knowledgeable owing to my educational qualifications and work experience in this profession.

I have been working as a structural engineer for Godfrey Engineering Services for the last seven years. In this period, I have completed many projects which include design and engineering of West Coast Bridge, Spice Business Center, Bullion Bay, etc. I am also involved in redesigning existing structures to make them efficient and safe for the public use. I am comfortable to work outdoors, travel and work for long hours with equal efficiency and confidence. I know how to overcome all types of obstacles that arise in the designing and engineering process.

I am a confident and energetic individual who can easily learn and implement new skills at the workplace itself. I am also very friendly with colleagues and I know that coordination and communication is the key to achieve success in a team based environment.

Please take a look at my credentials to learn more about my qualifications. I am also sending reference letter and my resume as well. You can contact me to discuss more about the job and my qualifications and I can also appear for an interview as per your convenience.

Yours sincerely,
Richard C. Barnes

A well written structural engineer cover letter is not only helpful in communicating with the employer, but it also boosts your confidence because it increases your chances of being interviewed where you can easily win the confidence of the employer and get selected for the job.

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