Cover Letter for Systems Engineer

A cover letter is needed by most employers when hiring a candidate for systems engineer position. It is asked to understand the capacity of the person in managing the responsibilities that entail in the job. By going through the letter, the employer comes to know that the person has worked in the development of a computer system. If the writer has planned and written the letter, then he or she may also include the ability to devise a plan, find and fix bugs in the system.

Another field a system engineer could work is the power system engineering. Irrespective of the candidate's specialization and type of engineering project, the letter must communicate one's ability to handle client's needs at the time of system creations, and alter it in the future according to the change in needs. In a computer field, the cover letter must display skills in connecting and troubleshooting problems in software and hardware such as printers, and servers.

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Cover Letter Sample

Gareth Krum
Skyview Apartments, A Wing, 635, 2nd Floor
72, Gill Road
Detroit, Michigan 48201
Telephone: (988) 626 2661
Cell no. (454) 267 6211

October 01, 2013

Penelope Storm
Human Resources
KY Solutions Ltd.
09, District 89
Detroit, Michigan 48220

Subject: application for Systems Engineer position

Dear Ms. Storm,

I would like to take this liberty of applying for a Systems Engineer position at KY Solutions Ltd. This unsolicited cover letter is to show my deep interest to work in your company and join the team that is renowned in the corporate industry.

It has been 8 years since I came into this field after possessing a computer engineering degree. From my early school days, I had a knack in playing with complex numbers and formula. I always enjoyed decoding numerical puzzles and getting into the systems management of any electronic device.

I have gained an experience in systems engineering by working in two domestic software company. I am presently with One Click Technology serving in the information technology department. It has been a great journey skipping from one company to another and knowing their work procedures and discipline maintained in the systems operation. Now, I want to use this experience by joining hands with your team and providing your employees a hassle-free working environment.

Some of the experience that I would like to mention here is designing and managing smooth operation of computer systems, troubleshooting software and hardware-related problems, attending client's complex systems requirements, streamlining working parameters, and laying out systems specifications. Further, I do my work in a responsible manner leaving no scope of complaints from superiors and employees. My exceptional written and verbal communication skills help in understanding client's requirements, and defining work concepts.

I have experience in installing all types of servers, take a backup, maintain and secure with a password. I can be work with no supervision in managing your IT systems. I am sure that you will take my application seriously and will consider me. Can I call you next Monday for an appointment? Thank you for your time.


Gareth Krum

Enclosure: Resume

This cover letter displays what the candidate has done and can do for the prospective employer. Read it, and try to incorporate the style when applying to a company.

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