Cover Letter for Test Engineer

Any electronic or daily-use device that you use at your home or office is working according to the manual or not is due to the process conducted by test engineers. These people works in maintaining the quality of product manufactured by a company. The product could be an electronic device, computer equipment, software, automation devices, and anything that can be used daily. An electronics and computer science background is the two essential qualifications to work in this capacity.

Since test engineer can work in any field, let's discuss about a software test engineer position. To apply, a cover letter is needed. The letter must display skills and knowledge of working on a specific platform such as windows and Linux. Further, the applicant should display his experience of working on different types of software. It should also communicate your ability to work with the lifecyle development of software.

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Cover Letter Sample

Ana Marc
637 Lily Street
Marc Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19145
(333) XXX-8255

October 01, 2013

Roger King
Hiring Manager
Flint Technologies Inc.
Philadelphia, PA 19132

Ref: Application for the position of Software Test Engineer

Dear Mr. King,

This letter is written to express my interest in the Software Test Engineer position in your organization. I am a graduate in Computer Science and has been successfully testing software application for past five years. My detailed employment history is mentioned in the enclosed resume for your reference.

I can test software applications designed for Windows and Linux environments. I am aware of the test automation scripting and bear complete knowledge of the software lifecycle development. I also have the knowledge to work with any latest software testing management tool. So far, I have tested various types of software application designed for accounting, automobiles, payroll management, tax evaluation, weather forecasting, and security of database.

I am proficient in testing software applications on entire phases ranging from design, programming, installation and maintenance. I can work with different tools in finding out if the software is working according to the needs of the clients. I keep clients' and users needs at the top of my 'to-do list.' This helps me in detecting any flaws and checking if the product user-friendly or not.

I can handle both white box and black box testing efficiently. I know to evaluate the programming structure and can track if the flow of information is properly passing from one command to another. If I find any design flaws once the testing is completed, I make a report and hand it over to the development team to make necessary changes. My knowledge in C++ and Java coding along with SQL database design can be beneficial to your company.

I would love to meet you and discuss the opportunity of employment at your convenient time. I will check with you to confirm the receipt of this application and our meeting schedule next Monday. Thank you for your time.


Ana Marc

Enclosure: Resume

Follow this sample cover letter when applying for a software test engineer position. Describing about your positive strength and additional skills necessary in the job will also help in igniting the employer's interest in your profile.

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