Transportation Engineer Cover Letter

If you are a transportation engineer and have moved to another city and are looking for a good job in the city, state or federal authority, make sure you write a good transportation engineer cover letter. Transportation engineers design public transport systems like highways, bus stations, railway stations, etc. They are an important part of the civic authorities.

Since this position is a part of the government, the engineers get a good salary and are entitled to benefits like health care and pension. Most importantly, they make life easier for the common public. Therefore, finding a good transportation engineer job in a city is important.

Rarely is a transportation engineer job advertised in the newspaper or a job portal website. Vacancy for this position is most probably advertised in the civic authority websites or candidates are directly contacted by the federal, state or civic authorities. Even if you have been asked to give an interview for the job, it is still important that you send a cover letter for the transportation engineer's job as there might be only a few vacancies and a large number of candidates.

If you are a fresh graduate, then in the letter, you have to write about your education and the project work you have done. If you are an experienced candidate, mention the different work you have done in your previous job. You can even have photographs of the projects you have done or may provide a website link of the website which is carrying pictures of your project.

Also, in the transportation engineer cover letter, mention about any unique project that you might have undertaken for the city. By unique, we mean constructing a bus station in record time or designing a highway in a geographically unreachable place. All this is helpful in getting an interview call.

Points to have in transportation engineer cover letter

These instructions may seem few, but they will help you draft a good cover letter just like the one given below.

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Sample Transportation Engineer Cover Letter

Gerald Patterson
98, Taine Square
Seattle, Washington, USA
(777) 727 9290
Cell no. (367) 887 7279

Rita Plum
Public Transport Head
92, Corner Street, City Hall
Seattle, Washington, USA

Dear Ms Plum,

I have recently moved here from the city of Denver, Colorado and am looking to work as a transportation engineer in your department. I found out about the vacancy from your website and would like to interview and offer my services as an engineer.

I am aware the city of Seattle is looking to construct a train station that will connect it better to the central states but due to some geographical factors, the project has been on hold. I designed and engineered many train stations in the state of Colorado. Despite the mountainous and rocky terrain, I made some really efficient train stations that connect each city to the central railway line.

I believe, the Seattle train station too is facing a problem of terrain and I can provide cost effective solution for it. I have engineered seven train stations in Colorado and even won an engineering award for the station in Denver. I would like to offer my services for the lovely city of Seattle and make its railway connectivity with other states better.

I am available for an interview at your convenience and am reachable on any of the contact details provided above. I am confident of solving any engineering problems for your department and making lives easier for the citizens of Seattle. Thank you.

Sincere regards,
Gerald Patterson


  1. Photocopy of resume
  2. Photocopy of experience letter
  3. Photocopy of commendation from the state

The transportation engineer cover letter is necessary even if you have been approached by the state authorities. Transportation engineer is a vital position to improve infrastructure of a city and make lives for the citizens better.

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