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The cover letter is a page document that is designed to introduce and explain the submitted material as in this case is a job application. Drafting an author cover letter can be one challenging task and especially for a post like author. A well written cover letter will go a long way to help you land the job that you must have always wanted. An author cover letter should show the applicant's talent and writing expertise.

Samples cover letter for author can highlight your key accomplishments to potential employers.

Your name:

Your address:

Your city, state and zip code:

Employer's name:
Address, city and zip code:

Dear Mr. /Mrs. Last Name,

With reference to the advertisement in (mention the name of the source for the job vacancy), I present my resume for the post of author in your publication.

Sir, I have written few numbers of books as well as novels. These were related to both education and entertainment.

With this experience and knowledge about the field I quite feel confident to become an author in your publication.

Sir, it would really be kind of you if you could organize an interview so that we can discuss on my background and my work history in detail. Please do let me know about the date, timing and venue at my (mention your contact details).

Thanks for considering my cover letter.


Your name

Enclosure: resume

A good cover letter plays an important role to get your work published whereas a bad cover letter can be easily sent to the reject pile. Your employers are busy people and they get hundreds of cover letter each day. Hence, it is necessary that you make their job a little easy by giving them an effective cover letter where you have stated your skills and achievements.

The second sample author cover letter will also give some important and necessary guidelines to write such type of letters.

Your address:


Recipient's address

Dear Mr. / Mrs. (Last Name)

I am writing this letter in response to the advertisement for the post of author in your publication. I present my resume for your further consideration.

I have an experience and privilege of being an author for the last ten years. I have written short stories and novels which are based on educational and fictional topics. I love writing mystery novels where I get to show one of the most intensive literature works. For all these reasons, I believe to the best match for the kind of authors you've been wanting so far. I have strong command over my English vocabulary and can work hard and finish my work within tight deadlines.

I would be glad if you could call me and see what more benefits I could offer to your publication. I can be reached at (insert your contact details) or you can simply email me at (mention your email address). Thanks for your valuable time and consideration for reviewing my letter.


Your name

Enclosure:resume and work experience certificates.

These are some examples for author cover letter which can make your job of drafting it much easy and simple. This will definitely increase your chances of getting an interview call.

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