Executive Team Leader Cover Letter

Team leads are people who are responsible for running the low-level teams in an organization. They are an important team to any organization, because they need a combination of knowledge, skills along with communication and management skills for delegation. Every organization will need a team lead and therefore the employment outlook for these people is bright.

The demand for team leads is increasing rapidly with many industries, and there is not set-standard of qualifications for an efficient team lead. In this profession, personal qualities are more important than educational qualifications. If an individual has extensive knowledge on team processes and is able to communicate the same to all team members then that person is qualified to become a team lead.

However, first you will have to get an interview to show all these qualities. For getting an interview, all you need is a cover letter to get you noticed. You will have to market yourself in a new fashion and draft a striking cover letter so that the recruiter would want to meet you in person. Your covering letter should be divided into three main paragraphs. The first paragraph should start with a short summary of your abilities and skills and make sure that you address the recruiting manager with his/her name.

The second paragraph should give the recruiter a slight preview of what they can expect in your resume. Mention your work experience and qualities but in a precise manner. The recruiters will not be interested in knowing your life story, does not matter how interesting it is. Give the hiring managers reasons to hire you or call you for an interview.

The third paragraph should tell the hiring manager that you are looking forward to speak with them. Give you current contact details so that they can call you for an interview. Always remember that there is no harm in asking the recruiter to schedule an interview, because this is your only chance.

Here is an example executive team leader cover letter that will guide you further.

Sample Executive Team Leader Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Jesse Xavier
2746 Omega Avenue
Miami, FL 94784
Mobile: 385-298-8948
E-mail id: x.jesse@example.com

Employer Contact Information
Perth Lewis
Excalibur Systems
1874 Victor Street
Miami, FL 93874

Date: June 9, 2011

Dear Ms. Lewis,

I am submitting this application for the position of Executive Team Leader with your organization and I would also like to submit my documents for the same purpose. I am confident that I would be bringing my supervisory skills to this position along with leadership skills, which would be highly beneficial to Excalibur Systems.

Below is a short summary of my skills and experience, which you can find in detail in my resume:

I know that it is very essential for every team leader to be fair yet firm. For the same reason, I know am sure that I would be a valuable addition to your team and my experience would be used for benefit with Excalibur Systems.

I think that a meeting with you in person would be beneficial to discuss all our mutual needs. You can contact me at 385-298-8948 or e-mail me at x.jesse@example.com.

Yours sincerely,
Jesse Xavier
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume

This is a sample executive team leader, you can follow the same format and make your own cover letter or you can make it in your own way. Make sure that you proofread it once before sending it out.

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