Game Developer Cover Letter

With the increasing demands of video games it is becoming a multi-million dollar industry, you may be getting curious to know how they are actually developed. The retail-level game operation can never be a one-man operation. The entire process has many different facets, from story, characters, workflow management, and artwork to programming code.

The process of game developing starts from the lead designer pitching a few ideas for a certain game to the publisher. The designer will propose the production time for the complete frame, the number of people required and a fixed budget. The designer will present a complete package of ideas that contains story elements, visual aids and character sketches.

If the idea of the designer is approved, then the next step will be gathering all the employees required to release the project and creating a production calendar. This calendar will have milestone points and at every point, specific goals have to be achieved. From here on, the programmers will start creating test scans for specific elements of the new game design. Artists will come up with concepts so that the team can easily visualize the locations and characters of the game. If the game needs voice actors, then even they will be evaluated at this time.

A game developer will be responsible for keeping all the development team working in a proper synchronization. He or she will have to motivate the individuals, mediate the creative disputes and check the areas where there is need for more employees or where more effort is required. If you think that you have the ability to design, manage a team and make them work with enthusiasm, then this is the right profession for you.

To enter the gaming industry you will also have to show your creativity in cover letter. Follow this example game developer cover letter to get a better idea.

Sample Game Developer Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Doug Nicholas
2846 Bay Leaf Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 93847
Mobile: 294-389-1846
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Navid Williams
MindJolt Games
Lost Angeles, CA 93857

Date: July 15, 2011

Dear Mr. Williams,

I am writing to apply for the position of Game Developer that has been advertised on your company website.

I have six years of experience in working as a developer on the next generation console games, like PS3 and Xbox 360. Today, I have gained sufficient knowledge to taking a step ahead for a senior role.

From the past 17 months, I have been working as a game programmer at Universal Studios. Our major project being - The Return of Jedi (TRJ) - will ship in two months and I would like to take the game's successful completion as a chance to take a step ahead in my career. Contributing to TRJ also allowed me to apply for the advanced skills of C++ to the core and gaming systems. However, I will also need some amount of exposure in areas of 3D graphics rendering, development cycle, AI, animation and physics.

I have excellent ability to think architecturally, vast understanding of engineering practices and principles, and good experience in writing specifications for technical design documentation.

My communication skills, both written and oral are clear and efficient. With good demonstration leadership skills at Universal Studios, I have made the acting Lead Programmer during the absence of our programmer. During this time, the team met the targets and there were minimal bugs in coding.

I have been admiring the MindJolt third-person action games like Sucker Punch and Zombieland. I have attached my resume and I look forward to meeting you in person and discussing further. You can call me at 294-389-1846 or e-mail me at

Yours sincerely,
Doug Nicholas
Your Signature

Follow the same format or come up with your own new ways. Just make sure that the cover letter is interesting and creative.

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