IT Business Analyst Cover Letter

An IT (information technology) analyst is an individual responsible for the technological direction and development of an organization. The ability and knowledge that these business analysts' posses are usually applied to different corporate settings. For this particular position, formal educations along with technical abilities are important. The increase in developing applications with computer technology has increased the career opportunities in this profession. An IT business analyst is also known as computer systems analyst, systems analyst, information systems analyst.

The main responsibility of IT business analyst is to design the business information systems, incorporate some of the new technical systems for improving the workflow of an organization, efficiency, production and effectiveness. The analyst should know the current knowledge for the ever-growing computer technology industry. The knowledge and skills of an IT business analyst should be applied in the corporate department of all the operations, information systems, finance, project development and project management. All the IT companies hiring in this department, look for professionals who have good managerial, analytical, interpersonal and technical skills.

A degree in computer science or IT engineering, along with some training in the project management related to business are usually required for this position. Every successful IT business analyst is a logical thinker, detail-oriented, good leader, effective communicator, and good with multitasking. The position will always require an individual working in either team or in individual basis. Applying for a job in this department will require a good resume, along with even better covering letter. A cover letter is like your introduction to the future employer, and it will tell him or her how efficient you are. Therefore, it is highly important that you write a good covering letter. Below you will find a sample IT business analyst cover letter that can be helpful for you.

Sample IT Business Analyst Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Samuel Matheney
4860 Emerson Road
Shreveport, LA 71101
Mobile: 318-789-2487
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Ms. Terry Valliere
IT Business Solutions Inc.
588 Ashmor Drive
Wadena, MN 56482

Date: December 22, 2011

Dear Ms. Valliere,

Re: IT Business Analyst Position

I am writing in response to the advertisement that came out in yesterday's newspaper that stated, that you are looking for someone in the position of IT Business Analyst. I am eager to apply for this role, because this will be the ideal step in my career, and I think that I will prove to be the best candidate for this position.

Currently, I am working with Sungard as a Senior IT Business Analyst. However, now I am looking forward to move in a bigger organization for making full use of all my skills, which I have acquired from my work experience and from my degree in IT and honors in Finance.

Performing a range of tasks regularly has led me to develop extensive experience in the field of business analysis in both mortgage and superannuation products with the help of fund accounting system. Also, I have experience in working with Portfolio systems in sectors that are involved in business analysis.

My responsibilities included generating functional requirements and specifications analysis. For instance, last year I implemented and planned a program for one of the retail firms where I helped them by giving them technical recommendations. My skills also include excellent ability in project management and strong knowledge about all the financial and technical accounting.

My remarkable technical and IT skills, which I have gained while I was completing my education has taught me how to take development decisions. I am an excellent team player who loves to work and knows how to support peers while managing work and priorities at the same time. My excellent communication skills have been achieved through regular communication of technical data and decoding this information to my stakeholders and clients.

Above all this, I am a highly committed professional with all the attributes and skills that this job demands, and a strong determination for achieving an excellent outcome. I would like to have the opportunity of speaking with you in an interview, which you can decide at your time and convenience.

Yours sincerely,
Samuel Matheney
Your Signature

You can write your cover letter in the same manner. Make sure that your letter is absolutely error free.

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