IT Technician Cover Letter

IT Technician Cover Letter is an important part of a job application of an Information Technology (IT) professional. They contain a brief summary of the skills and abilities of the candidate. Cover Letters are read by the recruiters before resumes and should be so complied as to trigger the recruiter to read the resume. A cover letter makes the critically important first impression that can make a massive difference to the career of the candidate.

Resumes are factual and therefore have only a minute element of personal touch. The purpose of the cover letter is to provide this personal touch and act as an interpreting or complementary document for the resume. Another objective sought to be accomplished by the cover letter is to categorically point out the compatibility between the abilities of the candidate and the relevant position in the organization - something that a resume cannot do very effectively.

The IT Technician Cover Letter should provide a brief synopsis of the candidate's abilities as an installer and remover of software, problem solver, and organizer. Technical qualifications, especially relevant certifications, are important and deserve to be mentioned. The candidate must emphasize his experience and the skills he has developed or fine-tuned during his professional career. More importantly, he should clearly state how his skills could be applied for the organization or company where he is seeking employment. This implies that the candidate is serious about the application and has thoroughly researched the company's requirements.

Sample IT Technician Cover Letter

Date: 5 November 2011

Jonathan Sullivan
298 West 29th Street
Austin, TX 78705

Henry Nixon
Human Resource Executive
SoftnHard Solutions
1900 San Antonio Street
Austin, Texas 78705

Dear Mr. Nixon,

This is with reference to your advertisement in the "New York Times" on 29 October 2011, inviting applications for various vacancies in your organization. I am interested in joining your organization as an IT Technician. I have nine years of rich experience in this field and considerable achievements to mention. I am looking for an expanding organization like yours, where my talents can find their complete expression.

During my professional career as an IT Technician, I have been successful in many roles - as a designer, administrator, and implementer of computer networks; installer, updater, and remover of software from computer networks; and assembler of hardware. I have a special talent with recovering lost user data that is intentionally or accidentally deleted / lost. This specialty enabled me to recover important data that was lost due to formatting or oversight on three separate occasions with two different employers - I have certificates of excellence to back this claim.

Apart from this, I have installed, checked, and repaired computer network security systems. I also hold the distinction of being an error free installer - none of the security systems installed by me has needed repairs. My graduation in computer science and certifications in computer security systems has provided me with the necessary technical background for a distinguished career.

Your organization holds the reputation for being among the best designers of computer network security systems. Combined with a coherent and humane working culture, many look upon your company as a potential leader in this discipline. It will be a great pleasure working with you in a mutually beneficial relationship. I will also be pleased to meet you face to face and discuss the rest. You can contact me on the email address or telephone number I have mentioned.

Yours sincerely,
(Jonathan Sullivan)

Technical abilities carry slightly more weight in an IT Technician Cover Letter and Resume. This is due to the technical nature of the position. Also, the high rate of skill obsolescence in the IT / Software field demands greater and updated technical skills. The candidate will do well if he can link his achievements to technical qualifications to produce a cogent and articulate document.

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