Java Programmer Cover Letter

A java programmer cover letter is a document you can provide along with your resume for a job application. The cover letter contains all your achievements, qualifications and courses you have completed to become a Java programmer. It impresses upon your capabilities and specialist as a programmer. You must include all necessary and relevant personal details. The cover letter has to be impressive and should mention your technical programming work experience including your education. You should also mention in the letter why you are a better programmer than any other job applicants.

This document is a vital part of your resume as it might just be the deciding point of your recruitment. An impressive cover letter catches the attention of the recruiters. This is the best way you can stand out in applying for a job from most applicants without a face-to-face interview. It should thus bring out your individuality and your special programming skills. You also might want to squeeze in your work experience and educational qualifications. Keep the letter short and simple. Pick out a legible font. Times Roman is ideally the best font for such ventures. The font size 12 is ideal to be used in a cover letter.

Sample Java Programmer Cover Letter

Natalie Portman
67 Ebony Apartments
Lemony Street
Florida 768548

Contact number:
0013307659765/ 0013307658643


June 16, 2011

The HR Manager
Lightman Software
54 Whipple Avenue
South Street
Tarmack Complex
California 675896

Dear Sir,

Subject: Application for the post of a java programmer.
Reference: Advertisement in the columns of The American Express.

I recently came across an advertisement in the columns of The American Express, stating the vacancy of a java programmer in your esteemed company. I have been working as a Java Programmer for over five years and have served all my employers well. I am certain that my qualifications and abilities will serve you well in your enterprises if I am given the chance. Here is a brief overview of my educational qualifications and achievements.

I graduated from University of Akron in the year 2000. I was a Computer Science major and minored in Programming. I have nine years of experience in the relevant field and am currently freelancing for I-Space Technology. I was the supervisor for six software testing programs at Computer Science Pvt. Ltd. for eight years. I was head of the technical testing department for a duration of three years during my time with Computer Science Pvt. Ltd. I am efficient in solving any problems that arise under my watch. When I promise to deliver, I deliver. My diligence and sincere nature help me get the job done quickly and efficiently.

I am positive that my interpersonal skills have been of service to many of my previous recruiters. I wish to do the same for me. Recruiting me will leave you with no regrets. I am very promising employee who delivers excellent results. I hope we can discuss more over a personal interview where I will provide the necessary documents along with my resume.

Thanking You
Yours sincerely,
Natalie Portman

The above Java programmer cover letter is just a sample of how the cover letter should look like and contain. You can change data and include other details that you might think will make an impressive cover letter.

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