Software Development Project Manager Cover Letter

Software development project managers are responsible for leading projects from the software design, systems, and finally to development processes. They will constantly keep providing architectural guidance, leadership, and technical expertise for using open-source software, accessible technologies, agile software methodologies, and user experience design. Software development project managers are known for applying their technical expertise to develop, collaborate, and facilitate delivery of high-end software products. Moreover, they will also have to contribute for the strategic planning process, which are related to software products for supporting business growth and agility.

The primary responsibilities of these professionals are to coordinate the software development process and handle the completion of all the project deliverables. They will also have to perform requirements analysis and create certain technical specifications, work plans, release schedules, and create rollback plans. Software development project managers have to communicate for taking important decisions for the key stakeholders and keep them informed about the entire progress that happens in the software development life cycle. These professionals will have to set objectives and priorities with the project team, and they will have to coordinate their efforts for implementing software engineering plans and should know how to deliver software products that are innovative.

Professionals also need to possess high technical skills and detailed knowledge about the principles of software engineering. They should be able to demonstrate remarkable analytical and problem solving skills. In addition, they should know how to manage complex domains and manage different concurrent activities happening at the same time. Since, these people interact with different pool of resources, such as developers, senior management, and researchers; they need to have good interpersonal and communication skills. Software development managers need to be confident and comfortable when they represent their organization to diverse audience and organizations.

These skills are highly essential, but they will be of no use if you do not know how to highlight them in your resume and cover letter. A cover letter will be very useful in such cases, wherein you will be able to give a brief outline about your abilities. This article will give you a sample software development manager cover letter that you can refer to.

Software development project manager

Marguerite Hoover

4710 Byers Lane,
Sacramento CA 95814

January 1, 2011

William Bailey
Global Minds
197 Cody Ridge Road
Arkansas City, OK 67005

Dear Mr. Bailey,

I am sending across this application letter with an interest to work for the position of software development project manager, which was advertised on, and I have attached a copy of my resume for your further review.

After I completed my graduation from New York University with a degree in software development, I started working as a software developer for five years with Nexus Software. Later, I started working as a software development manager with Magnum Capital Solutions. I was responsible for making sure a team of ten software developers was created, implemented, and developed with high efficiency applications and programs for external and internal use. I am capable of handling all the programs, applications, and systems out there, and have nothing but proven track record for success.

If you wish to know more, I would request you to read my attached resume and then get in touch with me at 530-867-3581 or leave an e-mail at for discussing the details. Thank you for considering my application and giving your time.


Marguerite Hoover

Your Signature,

Enclosure: Resume and References

Keep your cover letter as simple as you can. Mentioning your abilities and skills are enough for the employer to hire you. Always remember that you should give the employer more than one reason to hire you and for this you should know how to write every important thing in one page document. Proofread your document once before sending and you will be good to go. All the best!

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