Software Programmer Cover Letter

A software programmer cover letter works in your favor when you put in adequate efforts to draft it. You need to prepare and present it properly so that the recruiter finds it interesting and informative as well. It should also evoke a curiosity in the mind of the recruiter to explore further about your qualifications and interview you for this job. Once you are called for the interview, it becomes easier for you to win recruiter's confidence.

A software programmer cover letter can easily answer basic queries of a recruiter. When you write a software programmer cover letter, you have to mention some key skills along with a brief explanation of your journey as a software programmer so far. Your cover letter serves a different purpose than the resume because it carries a more interactive and personal touch. As compared to your resume, your cover letter provides a deeper insight into your familiarity and experience with this profession and also your growth as a software programmer. You need to make the best use of your cover letter by writing it in the best format, as it will clear the doubts and confusion of the recruiter.

Job of a Software Programmer

A software programmer performs research, design, development, testing, debugging and deployment of software. Software programmers are multifaceted professionals who possess knowledge of different programming languages and protocols followed for software programming. Software programmers find jobs in different organizations that develop software for computers, mobile phones, laptops, and other devices that require implementation of software for functioning.

It will be helpful for you to read this software programmer cover letter example provided specially to familiarize you with the skills of writing a precise and effective cover letter.

Sample Software Programmer Cover Letter

Ian Marvin
4, Morrison Apartments, Kenton Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 42250
United States

Date: September 12, 2011

Melissa D. Jones
Recruitment Manager
E-Tonics Software Solutions
Atlanta, Georgia 42261
United States

RE: Application for the job of Software Programmer posted on

Dear Melissa,

I came across the job of software programmer listed on I find myself to be a suitable candidate according to the criteria stated for the job. I hold all the necessary qualifications along with six years of job experience and involvement in some of the major projects undertaken by the organization I work for. I also understand the complications that usually occur in software programming and how these can be resolved using different methods and tools. I am also experienced working with different hardware and I know the advantages and limitations of those as well.

As a professional, I know how to behave at workplace and help colleagues as and when required. I am also open to handle non-routine tasks that help me to grow on the professional front. I know how to handle multiple tasks to achieve goals within a specified time limit. Another skill that sets me apart from other applicants is my ability and passion to achieve perfection in every task.

You can find my resume, reference letter and credentials along with this application. You can contact me on my telephone number and e-mail as well if you have any further queries regarding my qualifications. I will be highly pleased to interact with you. Finally, I would like to thank you for taking time out to read my application. I expect a positive reply from your side.

Yours sincerely,
Ian Marvin

In this sample of software programmer cover letter, the applicant is candid and appears positive and confident according to the information presented in the cover letter. You need to adopt a similar approach because when your cover letter reaches to the recruiter, it should immediately catch his attention.

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